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Internet speed in India: Which state has the highest internet speed?

5G service is expanding rapidly in India. In October last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the 5G network in India. Since then, 5G service has become available in many major cities and states of the country. Telecom giants have rapidly expanded their 5G networks.

Airtel and Reliance Jio are providing 5G services in India. These companies have started 5G services in many major cities and metros of the country. Also, they have expanded internet service to rural and remote areas. Since the launch of 5G, telecom companies have started working towards providing internet to every corner of the country.

Kolkata Metro – India’s Best Internet Speed Center

The fastest internet speed in the country is available in Kolkata Metro. The average download speed here ranges from 405 Mbps to 950 Mbps. This is the best internet speed center in the country. Internet users in Kolkata are enjoying extremely fast and smooth internet connections.

Andhra Pradesh – second state with fast internet connectivity

Andhra Pradesh ranks second in terms of internet speed in the country. The average internet speed here is 317.8 Mbps. The state government and telecom companies have jointly promoted fast internet connectivity in Andhra Pradesh. With this, the citizens of the state are getting fast internet facility.

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Gujarat – Third place in terms of 5G download speed

Gujarat is the third state where fast speed of 5G internet is available. The average 5G download speed here is 313.3 Mbps. There has been a wide expansion of 5G network in Gujarat, due to which the people of the state are enjoying the benefit of fast internet connection.


Situation in other states

The average download speed of 5G in West Bengal is 303.4 Mbps, making it fourth.
The average 5G download speed in Tamil Nadu is 301.2 Mbps, placing it in fifth place.
The average 5G download speed in Mumbai Metro is 299.4 Mbps, placing it at sixth place.

These figures are given according to opensignal.

5G adoption and usage in India

Along with the expansion of 5G service in India, there has also been a rapid increase in 5G adoption and usage. The number of 5G users in the country is increasing rapidly.

5G usage is highest in Kolkata and Andhra Pradesh. The number of consumers using 5G service is quite high in these states. Gujarat, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu are also moving forward rapidly in 5G adoption.

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Benefits of 5G usage in India

Indian consumers are getting many benefits from the use of 5G technology. 5G service has resulted in a huge increase in internet speed, which has accelerated data download and streaming. There is also a significant reduction in latency with 5G technology, which improves real-time communication and running applications.

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Using 5G, consumers can take advantage of new applications like video conferencing, gaming, AR/VR. This has also opened up new possibilities in businesses and industries.

Role of telecom companies

Telecom companies have played an important role in the widespread deployment of 5G services in India. Major companies like Airtel and Reliance Jio have expanded 5G networks across the country.

These companies have provided 5G services not only in urban areas, but also in rural and remote areas. He has worked to provide internet connectivity to every corner of the country.

Telecom companies have also encouraged users to adopt 5G technology. He has promoted 5G smartphones and devices, which has accelerated 5G adoption.

These efforts have led to the widespread deployment of 5G networks in India and high-speed internet has become available in different parts of the country.


The 5G network is expanding rapidly in India and has provided fast internet connectivity in many major states and cities of the country. States like Kolkata, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat are leaders in terms of internet speed.

However, regional disparities in internet speeds exist in the country. The government and telecom companies need to work together to bring improvements in this direction. Attention should be paid to providing fast internet services even in remote areas.

Thus, the widespread use of 5G technology in India will not only improve digital connectivity but also provide equal digital opportunities to all citizens of the country.

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