Hugh Jackman Has Begun Work on Deadpool 3 & Production News Update

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The announcement of Hugh Jackman joining Deadpool 3 is still relatively new and fresh on everybody’s mind. Obviously, we’ve talked about production before and now we know when the release date is set, which is just under 2 years. So it’s really not surprising that we’re finding out now that things aren’t exactly going as fast as some other Marvel projects. And with the recent update from Hugh Jackman himself in relation to his training, we kind of have an idea of where they are at.

The photo in question here was shared by Hugh Jackman himself on his social media work in progress.

He’s back in the gym. He’s obviously sweating as we can see here. He’s obviously getting ready to get back into the best marine shape that he can be in considering his age. Now obviously if we look at previous timetables in regards to when actors start training, specifically Hugh Jackman and how long it takes to get into shape, but just put it that way. Depending on multiple circumstances, what they are supplementing with, and how long they have to get into the best shape they can up until they win, we’re obviously their store king out while shooting the film.

Typically it seems to be about an 8-4 to 6 months window now. If you’re keeping up with this, this would mean that production of this film would be set to start in the first half of 2023 which still lines up with multiple things we’ve heard so realistically. To meet that September 20, 24 release date. But they would honestly have plenty of time to start production even if it gets bumped back by the summer of 2023 They could start it, but I think the reason they are taking more time is again something we’ve talked about here before. He will. Ryan Reynolds production company is directly involved with this Co producing this with Marvel Studios, which is the first you know in a long time that something like this is happening when it involves Disney.

So it’s gonna be interesting to see how they handle this. And I think This is why they are giving more time, why Hugh Jackman is training right now to get into the best shape possible. And then obviously since he’s gonna be wearing a Wolverine suit now they enhance actors with CG, make your muscles pop, Moran, everything. He doesn’t necessarily have to be in the best Wolverine shape ever, but still, it’s obviously something he likes to do, which is working out.

So we kind of have an idea now and I think honestly arm. Everything seems beyond a point. I won’t be surprised to hear that production is set to officially start in March at the latest, just to give them a little extra time to get things in order.