How true are these myths related to inhalers, know from experts

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Usually people believe many myths related to inhalers to be true. Today experts are telling you about the truth of these myths.

Asthma is a health problem associated with the lungs, in which not only does a person have difficulty breathing, but it also often causes a persistent cough. Usually, the person experiences a lot of discomfort, triggering the cough and causing difficulty in breathing. Some people also complain of breathlessness during this time.

In such a situation, it is advisable to use an inhaler for immediate treatment of this problem. It is an effective way to treat asthma. But still people have many myths about inhaler in their mind, due to which they avoid using it. They think that they are expensive or they get used to them. Due to all these myths, he uses medicines instead of inhalers. So today in this article, Dr. Sandeep Nayyar, Head and Senior Director of Respiratory Department of BLK Max Hospital is telling you about these myths and their truth-

Myth 1- The inhaler is habit-forming.

Truth- Generally, people are also afraid of taking inhaler because they feel that if they take inhaler once, they will have to take it for life. He thinks that the inhaler becomes a habit. But here you should understand that asthma is a controllable disease, it is not a curable disease. Therefore, you cannot completely cure your disease, it can only be managed. Therefore, once you start an inhaler, you have to take it for the rest of your life. Even if you take medicine, you will have to take it for the rest of your life. Therefore, to think that inhalers are addictive is wrong.

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Myth 2- Pills give quick relief.

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Truth- Some people also feel that pills are better than inhalers and they give quick relief. But this is completely wrong. The way pills and inhalers work is different. When you take a pill, it first goes to your stomach and then through the blood to the lungs. (These foods keep the lungs healthy) reaches. In this way, it affects the rest of your body and has more side effects, whereas the inhaler delivers the medicine directly to your lungs. Plus, it requires you to take 20 times less medicine, so that the side effects are negligible.

Myth 3- Inhalers have too many side effects

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Truth- People also have a belief that inhalers have too many side effects, whereas the truth is quite the opposite. The inhaler delivers the medicine directly to the lungs, due to which your dosage is reduced by 20 times and hence its side effects are much less than the pills.

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Myth 4- Children should not be given inhalers

Truth- Generally people believe that inhalers are not suitable for children and old people. Whereas in reality there are better inhalers for them than medicines or pills. Since, children’s immune systemIt is weak and many organs of old people do not function properly. In such a situation, if he takes pills, then he gets a lot of negative effects. Not only this, giving asthma pills to children has an adverse effect on their growth as well. Whereas you do not get to see this negative effect with inhalers. Inhalers are completely safe for everyone from children to the elderly.

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