How to Start a T-Shirt Business: A step by step Guide

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Start a T-Shirt Business

The most important step in starting a t-shirt business is to create a great brand. A good brand helps you stand out in the market. Small business branding is tricky, but can be done easily with free resources. Try to gather as much information as you can, especially articles that have high impact. Whether you decide to print your t-shirts locally or use a print-on-demand service, you should consider your target audience. If you can reach out to the right people in your niche, this is the best way to start your business. It is still the most powerful form of advertising.

When it comes to pricing, you should factor in your costs. This is because your t-shirt business will need to cover printing and purchase costs. It is better to order fewer shirts than you need rather than ordering a lot at once. Regardless of how you choose to structure your pricing, you should be able to make a profit within a few weeks. However, you should be aware of the pitfalls to avoid. Some people get stuck at the beginning and cannot handle complications that occur when working with customers.

Before you can begin your t-shirt business, you must first decide on your pricing policy. You must make sure that you have a consistent brand and that you do not oversell. While you may not be taking wages while you are still in the startup phase, you should take account of these expenses. You may not need to hire a staff at this time, but once you reach a certain scale, you will need to be able to pay them.

Once you have decided on the pricing policy, you should make a budget. You can either order a small batch of shirts to sell in bulk or a large order. Just be sure to check that the size of your business is within your budget. If you plan on selling your products or services to customers, make sure to take account of your sales tax and labor costs. After this, you can start selling your products and services online. Until then, it is a good idea to start selling your products in stores that sell clothing.

Once you have a good idea of what your target audience wants, it is time to start a t-shirt business. You should research the various niches and determine which one is more popular. If you do not know what your customers are looking for, then you should create more designs. This will ensure your success. Remember to have consistent branding. In fact, it will make your business more attractive to your customers.

Start your online T-Shirt business

If you’re planning to begin your journey to e-commerce and you’ve considered starting your own T-shirt online business, you’ve probably discovered that it’s affordable and simple to start your store and get it up and up and running. In fact, we’ve published an article that explains how entrepreneurs in the ecommerce industry can start an online shop in just 30 minutes with the help of Shopify.

The process of starting your own business for T-Shirts using Shopify is an easy process. You’ll also receive ongoing assistance from Shopify for both the start of your online store as well as during making the transition of selling T-shirts online. This is the best solution for entrepreneurs who want to sell their products online.

Does an online T-shirt Enterprise Profitable?

We’ve already mentioned that every person owns at the very minimum one T-shirt regardless gender, age, and the list goes on. This is the reason T-shirt businesses can be profitable in a relatively small amount of time. It can also be low-cost to start when you design your business plan properly. Starting your own t-shirt business could be a good initial step to get your company off the ground. It is possible to choose dropshipping as a dropshipping option or even start an online print business.

Watch this webcastto learn everything you need to learn about starting a successful print-on-demand business. This Wholesale Ted and Oberlo collaboration is a great way to understand the difference between dropshipping and printing on demand. In this article, we’ll stick to dropshipping because it’s simpler to use for a t-shirt business.

How to Begin with an Online T-shirt Business

Here are some steps you can take to start your own online T-shirt business today:

1. Find a niche for your Online T-Shirt Business

If you are an entrepreneur in the e-commerce industry and wants to establish an online T-shirt company that is successful It can be beneficial to identify a segment for your store. If you develop an online T-shirt shop that is distinctive, or in regards to branding or the merchandise that you offer the chances of success are significantly greater.

Make sure you take your time and conduct your own research when you decide to start an online store that is specialized. Browse other online stores that you enjoy and make use of them to generate ideas for your T-shirt business. Note anything you consider to be amazing, and then spend the time to think about ways to improve your online T-shirt company more successful. You can ultimately target any area that you are interested in. If you believe there’s a market that’s not yet tapped and you want to take advantage of it, then do so. It’s more easy to make yourself stand out when there’s no competition. It’s significantly less expensive also!

2. Create Your Own T-Shirt

If you’re looking to start an online business for T-shirts Your design concepts are crucial. If your T-shirts are designed with stunning designs, you’re ahead of the pack. Your merchandise will serve as an excellent foundation for the success of your business.

It’s much simpler to market excellent products, so make sure to master this aspect. Be innovative. Don’t be afraid to think beyond the norm. Test out a variety of T-shirt designs that are relevant to your brand and then see which ones work most well with your target audience. If you’re looking to experiment with creating your own designs for T-shirts There are plenty of design sites available. We look at a few of them on our T-shirt template for your web-based store article.

If you aren’t confident about your abilities to design amazing items for your T-shirt online business, you can seek the advice of other people. Local designers can be contacted to get their help. You can also make use of online platforms for freelancers, such as the Upwork as well as Fiverr which you can make contact with designers who are freelance. There are many ways you can get professional design work of the highest quality for an affordable cost.

3. Validate your T-shirt designs

After you’ve come up with the best design concepts for your business’s online T-shirt then you’ll need to You seek validation from other people . You might think that the concepts you’ve created are good enough to print however, others could suggest some important changes that will benefit your product over the long term. It is also crucial to ensure that the feedback you get for your designs is impartial. You can do this by posting your design on forums (make sure you have your designs watermarked so that no one is able to copy your designs). Additionally, you can get professional feedback by making contact with local experts who can provide you with expert impartial opinions.

Discussion forums online, such as Reddit are able to be an essential instrument when you’re trying to gauge the effectiveness of your T-shirt company’s designs. You can make mockups of T-shirts and upload your proposed designs to the relevant subreddits. You’ll get genuine feedback from those that are looking to purchase your product. If you get positive responses to your posting, you’ve prepared yourself for potential customers that you could connect with when you’re ready to launch your products.

4. Source Your Products

After you’ve vetted the designs of your T-shirt store online You’ll have to spend the time to determine the places you’ll source the T-shirts you’ll be selling. It’s better to find top-quality T-shirts to fill your inventory since it will provide a better customer experience that can compete with the competition.

One method to differentiate yourself against your competition is by choosing the best quality products that your company can afford. If customers notice that your T-shirts shrink or tear after just a few wears, you’ll create an unpopular image for your e-commerce store. It will drastically decrease the likelihood of them buying from your store in the future this is something you’d like to avoid. If your T-shirt store online is filled with top-quality merchandise made to last Your business will earn a good image that will allow your business to grow.

5. Print Your Designs

High-quality printing on your merchandise is vital for the success of your T-shirt online business. If customers discover that your designs crack or faded after just a couple of washes, it can make them feel bad about their impression of your company.

There are a variety of options you could use for printing your designs. It is possible to connect with local printing firms and allow you to examine whether your print is of good quality prior to when you send them out to your customers. But, this can be costly, particularly if your online business expands, as demand for prints rises.

One method to cut costs is to save money is to purchase large quantities of shirts. You’ll be amazed at how much you could reduce costs by increasing your order up to 10-20 pieces. You could get more than you planned to purchase with just some dollars more than what you intended to invest.

6. Set an Amount

Another crucial aspect to start an entrepreneur in t-shirts is determining the cost of your products. It is important to consider the cost of purchasing your product as well as the cost of printing your designs. If you’re selling at a 50percent margin then you could multiply the total cost by 2 to determine the cost per unit.

Let’s suppose you purchase 50 t-shirts for $300 and you’ll need 500 to create a single-color design. In this scenario you pay six dollars for one shirt, and $10 to have your design printed onto the shirt. Your cost per unit is $15 ($10+$6). Therefore, it’s best to offer the shirt with a price of $30 (16×2). It’s possible to charge between $5 and $10 more if selling a high-end retail T-shirt (people will often spend more money for better fitting and super soft materials).

7. Select Your Business Model

If a local printing company isn’t cost-effective, dropshipping may be the answer. At Oberlo we believe that businesses selling T-shirts online will benefit by a dropshipping T-shirt business model. It’s easy, inexpensive and you can manage it from any location across the globe. Connect Oberlo to the Shopify store you have created. Shopify stores to load items and connect with suppliers for printing your T-shirt designs, and then begin droppingshipping easily. Take a look at our Dropshipping with Shopify article for thorough description of how to complete these steps.

8. Create Your Online Web

In the end, you must begin thinking about how you’d like to market and promote the product. When you own a T-shirt company it is vital to understand your target market since T-shirts are flexible, all-inclusive or extremely special. At this point you’ll have decided on your style and know your target market But do you know your competition? Have you researched them and learned the places they sell and marketing their t-shirts?

Spending the time to conduct thorough market analysis can help you determine your target audience before you begin selling. This will also help make sure that you’re accessible on the right platforms to allow your customers to be able to find your product easily.

It’s possible that your market are active in social media like Instagram and Snapchat as well, and do not spend time looking for T-shirts via Google Search. This suggests it’s possible that Influencer marketing and advertising are the most effective options to be successful, instead of spending lots of money and time on SEO.

Once you’ve figured out the areas where your competitors are located and the areas where your ideal customers tend to spend their time online, you are able to begin building your online presence. You’re now ready to begin selling T-shirts on the internet!

Have you thought about the idea of starting your own Print On Demand store, but you don’t know how to start? Take a look at the POD webinar. It’s coming soon… make sure you’re there!

Things to Consider When Making the T-Shirt Yourself

There are numerous methods to print designs onto T-shirts and other garments. It is essential to know these options prior to creating your own online T-shirt shop. Knowing them will help ensure that you make the best choice for your company. Here are the three most popular T-shirt printing options that you can take into consideration for their performance and quality.

  • Screen Printing

Screen printing is a fantastic alternative to print designs which are dark or possess a lot of vibrancy. By using screens or stencils, printers place layers of ink onto the T-shirt using various stencils to print different colors of ink. Screen printing is perfect for printing in bulk of five or less colors because of its labor-intensive installation.

  • Heat Transfer

Through the use of heat transfer the image is placed on a heat transfer paper, then cut out of the paper and put on T-shirts. Similar to a massive iron, once heated to high temperatures, Heat Transfer paper melts into the fabric and becomes an integral part of the shirt, without affecting the image on top. Heat transfer can print pictures in color on T-shirts quickly and easily.

  • Directly to Garment

Through Direct-to-Garment printing the ink is sprayed directly to a T-shirt using the inkjet printing. Utilizing specialized water-based inks T-shirt designs, they are transferred onto a computer. Then, using a printer that is specially designed that can print directly onto a T-shirt. This is the most affordable printing option as there is no set-up cost. It can take a while printing each T-shirt which is why this is a great alternative for smaller print orders.

How to sell T-Shirts on the Internet

Here are the most important tips to remember prior to starting your own business online Dropshipping T-shirts

1. Make Your Choice Market

Before you begin your online T-shirt business, you must be aware of the market you’ll be targeting. The market for T-shirts is saturated and, in order to succeed you must know the goals you want to achieve.

2. Create Your T-Shirt

It will be difficult convincing people to purchase your T-shirts if they aren’t appealing. Therefore, pay close careful attention to the design that is applied the T-shirts would be dropped-shipped. Use T-shirt design websites to make sure that the design that you put on your product is of the highest quality and is not trademarked.

3. Select a reputable dropship supplier

Be sure to meet the highest the highest standards of quality for T-shirts. It’s difficult to identify what T-shirts are of high-quality when you’re droppingshipping. Get several sample sizes from your suppliers to try them. It is possible to discover that the style isn’t your preference or the material isn’t suitable for you.

4. Reviews and social proof. Reviews as well as Social Proof

Contacting clients and asking them leave reviews on your products online is an essential aspect of selling T-shirts due how important social evidence in this particular field. Customers want to know they’re getting value for the money they spend when purchasing online, and they would like to hear from real customers before making their purchase.

5. Build Brand Recognition

The brand’s reputation is a crucial aspect of your business’s new venture. A well-designed branding strategy will make your business appear an authority and trustworthy in your field. It also aids in your marketing. Brands tell your clients who you really are as well as what you do.

The fundamental aspects of branding include how you appear and the tone you use. Your website and logo is often the first thing that a prospective buyer sees when searching for new T-shirts, therefore these aspects of your company must give a great first impression. Your voice tone and the style of your writing influences all aspects of engagement, from sales. Consider how you would like your clients to perceive you and then establish your style and tone from there.

6. Outreach to Influencers

Influencers can assist you in establishing new markets, or help you win more customers from your current market. Discovering influencers on the most popular platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat is more straightforward than you imagine, thanks to the rise of nano-influencers and micro-influencers. These are influencers who might just have a few hundred followers but have a huge impact to the people they influence.

Reach out to some smaller influencers and offering them T-shirts for free in exchange for posting pictures of your products. This little action of social proof can bring brand loyalty points to your T-shirt online business. If you’re working with an modest budget for marketing Influencer marketing is the best option.

If you’re experiencing a large number of customers who add T-shirts into their carts, and disappearing from your site Remarketing is the best way to boost the conversion rate. If a buyer adds an item to their shopping cart it is possible to redirect them to other websites using tools such as Google Ads or on social media platforms with Facebook Ads or other tools. It is possible to reintroduce people to their cart with coupon coupons, promotions or just an opportunity to remind them of their purchases.

Criteo found that web users who are targeted by retargeting the target audience are 44 percent more likely connectt than those who were who are not exposed to retargeting. This demonstrates the power of remarketing to businesses in any industry, but in particular the T-shirt industry. It is a rapidly-changing niche which can require you to remind your customers of their carts that they have abandoned.

Dropshipping with Your Business T-Shirt Online

If you’re an entrepreneur who runs an online business selling T-shirts droppingshipping is an excellent business model. When it’s your intention to send your T-shirts to dropshippers then you won’t need to store any inventory. Don’t worry about having tons of T-shirts lying in your home, or spending money on storage space. Instead, you’ll get orders from customers and your suppliers will send the items directly to them directly from their warehouse. Dropshipping T-shirts can be simplified and allows you to run your business from anyplace around the globe.

If you are considering dropshipping as a method of launching your business selling T-shirts online You can make use of online marketplaces like AliExpress. AliExpress lets you source quality products at a low cost. You’ll immediately be connected to many suppliers who are willing to collaboration. Contact specific suppliers via AliExpress which can print your design directly on their T-shirts. They can then deliver these products directly to the customer’s doorstep – it’s as easy as that.

If you’ve decided that AliExpress dropshipping could be the ideal choice for your online business and you are looking for a dropshipping service, we suggest using Oberlo. With Oberlo it is easy to add products directly to your online store in just two clicks. It is also possible to manage your orders with ease using Oberlo. Oberlo is completely free, which means you can start droppingshipping as soon as today.

Online T-Shirts Business Stories of Success

Many successful entrepreneurs in the field of ecommerce started their T-Shirt business online using the dropshipping model of business. One of the customers of Oberlo, Melvin Chee, 22 was the first to launch his own store on e-commerce as a test and made more than $100K in only three months.

Melvin thought he would like to launch an online T-shirt company when he discovered Oberlo in a group on Facebook. He was aware that he would have to identify an area of interest that would allow the success of his online store. He decided to create a collection of essential products. These were basic T-shirts, with humorous slogans printed on the front. It was the products, when paired in his marketing strategies which turned his experiment into an e-commerce success story. We invite you to read our full piece on Melvin’s tale.

Online T-Shirt FAQs for Business

Does selling t-shirts on the internet profitable?

Yes. T-shirts generally sell at an average of 40%-50 which means you could earn some good money by selling in a large volume and quickly. If you consider that a typical T-shirt seller earns $90,000-$100,000.00 a year, you could make between $45,000 and $50,000 in annual revenue. But, you may not achieve that level of profit as you begin. It all depends on the field you’re working in, the methods of marketing you employ, and the speed at which quickly you can expand your business.

What kind of t-shirt is most popular?

Black T-shirts have the highest sales among people. They go to everything and make the spotlight on any graphic design particularly ones with text that is light.


After you’ve read this article, you’ll know how to begin your own online business selling T-shirts and write an individual success story. Keep in mind that selling and designing T-shirts online is highly competitive, so make certain to use the suggestions we’ve provided.

Summary How to Start an online T-Shirt business in 8 Easy Steps

  1. Choose a niche to your T-shirt store.
  2. A great design for a shirt.
  3. Validate your t-shirt’s design.
  4. Find top-quality T-shirts of the highest quality.
  5. Print high-quality, professional designs.
  6. Determine the price you will charge for a t-shirt.
  7. Select a business plan.
  8. Make an online presence for your company.

If you have any additional questions regarding starting an online business selling T-shirts, or an online shop in general tell us about it in the comment section below We’re always happy to assist you.