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How to Use JioTunes on Your Smartphone


You can use JioTunes on your smartphone for free. First, you must create an account and then log into JioTunes. There are four tabs available: the music library, the new songs section, and the music library. If you don’t know which song to download, you can search for it by SMS. You can search for a particular genre, movie, or album name. You can even create a personalized playlist.

Once you’ve signed up, you can start browsing the JioTunes library. It’s free to download the entire library. Once you’ve downloaded a song, you can switch it to another one if you wish. You can even change the music as you wish. With over 4 lakh songs available, there’s a song for everyone. You can change the song multiple times as well. The best part? JioTunes is free.

To start listening to your favorite songs, download the Jio App from the Google Play Store or App Store. Look for the JioTunes option and select it. Once you’ve found a song you want to listen to, click on it. You’ll be taken to a preview page where you can choose which songs you want to listen to. Once you’ve found a song that you like, press the play button to begin listening.

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Once you’ve downloaded the JioTunes app, you’re ready to begin setting up your caller tune. The process was a bit tedious, but now it’s as simple as ever. You’ll need to download the MyJio app. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to search for JioTunes and choose from a list of songs that match your input. Once you’ve selected your new JioTunes, you’ll need to follow the instructions to activate the service.

Jio offers free caller-tunes service

Are you aware that Jio offers free caller-tunes service? JioTunes provides free caller tunes service that you can use without having to pay any fees or charges. There are four ways to set up Jio Caller Tunes:

  • Jio App
  • JioSaavn
  • Through SMS
  • Utilizing the star (*) button to copy the tune of the other Jio users.

What are you wasting time on? Here’s the procedure, follow them and set the most effective caller tune. Before setting your caller tone by using the Jio Saavn Music app make sure that you’ve upgraded version of the Jio music application.

How do I configure JioTunes with the help of JioSavan application

Step 1.Download the JioSaavn Music app for your Android as well as iOS smartphone.

Step 2.After downloading, open the app with Your MyJio account details, a list of songs will be displayed in the app’s screen.

Step 3.Select one of the songs of your choice that you would like to set to JioTune.

4.On this new webpage you will see three dots.

5. An additional ladder is expected to be displayed here, tap on it to activate to use it as JioTune.

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step 6 An icon will pop up, click on the Play icon to view your JioTune.

7. to set your chosen song as your JioTune Tap the the Set button on your JioTune.

A confirmation message for activation via Jio will be delivered to your mobile.

How activate your JioTunes using MyJio app

Step 1. Download the MyJio application on your Android smartphone or iOS smartphone.

Step 2. Start MyJio application and choose JioTunes option.

Step 3. Click on the Songs tab and choose the song you wish to create.

Step 4. Tune in to the Preview and then click “Set for June.

5. An acknowledgment screen when your request has been made successfully.

How do set Jio’s caller to tune (*) button(*) button

If you are a caller who has a different tune, you can duplicate the tune as well. Here are a few easy steps to follow in order to copy the caller tune.

Step 1. Contact the specific number you wish to copy.

Step 2. Click”*” or the “*”(*) button.

Step 3. An authorization message is delivered to you. When you receive the message, you must respond to the message by confirming ‘Y’ within 30 minutes.

Your chosen JioTune can be registered on the Jio number.

How do I configure Jio caller tunes using SMS

Send an SMS that contains the first three words of the album, film or song of your choice by text message to 56789 (toll-free) or also make an Jio Caller Tune by sending an SMS JT using the following codes:

  • MOVIE forward it to 56789.
  • ALBUM forward it to 56789
  • SINGER forward it to 56789
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After you have sent your message Jio is going to reply by sending a message in order to request confirmation from Jio. When you receive an email from Jio you only need to reply by clicking ‘Y’. Soon Jio will send you a confirmation email to you.