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In today’s era, Instagram is a very popular social media platform. Instagram is a social media platform where you can share photos, share videos and chat with your friends. By now, you must have seen many such posts on Instagram that are illegal or fake.

You can remove these fake posts or fake accounts by reporting them on Instagram. If you do not know how to complain on Instagram, be sure to read our article completely. In this article, we explained how you can report accounts and posts on Instagram.

Apart from that, you will read in this article why it is necessary to report on Instagram and why it can be reported on Instagram. Read this article carefully for detailed information.

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Why do you need to report on Instagram?

There are many fake accounts for girls on Facebook, as well as fake accounts on Instagram. People running such accounts can lure other Instagram users into their trap and earn unfairly money from them.

Apart from that, if an Instagram user violates Instagram’s policy, makes inappropriate comments, spam or makes similar provocative posts, you can report it on Instagram.

You can report an account, specific post or photo on Instagram.

Instagram’s reporting criteria

Here we will tell you that if an Instagram user posts a post regarding the content given below and violates Instagram policy, you can file a complaint against that user’s account or post.

1. Played Content

If a user is posting stolen content on Instagram, you can report them here.

2. Spam Content

If a user comments inappropriately on your post or to promote yourself on Instagram, you can report it.

3. Nudity

If someone posts about spreading obscenity on Instagram, you can report them for spreading nudity.

4. Harassment

If a user is posting provocative content here that could promote violence or terrorist activities, you can report it on Instagram.

5. Illegal Activity

If a user posts posts about guns, drugs, drugs, and smuggling on Instagram, you can report them under Illegal Activity.

6. Hiding Identity

If someone is commenting on your posts or other posts on Instagram while hiding their real identity, you can report them.

how to report on instagram

On Instagram, you can report any account or post that violates Instagram’s policy. Here we will explain how you can report an Instagram account and how you can report an Instagram post one by one.

For any post you want to report on Instagram, you need to follow the steps below.

  • To report a post on Instagram, you first go to the relevant post.
  • Now you will see 3 lines falling from the yellow line in the upper right corner of that article, click on it. something like this
instagram post option
  • As soon as you click on these three dots, a kind of interface appears.
instagram post report option
  • Here you see the report option on the right, click which option to report. As soon as you click it, a new interface appears, something like this.
instagram complaint section
  • Now you can reach the next interface by selecting any reason you see here. In the next interface, it will ask who has been harassed by the relevant post. You can choose a post similar to this and report it on Instagram.

report account on instagram

To report an account on Instagram, you need to follow the steps below.

  • First, go to the Instagram account of the Instagram account you want to report.
  • As soon as you reach the home page of that Instagram account, you will see three dots at the top of that account’s home page. something like this
instagram profile section
  • You will now click on these three dots. As soon as you click on these three dots, a new interface like this will open in front of you.
instagram account report
  • Now you will click on the report button that appears at the top of this interface. As soon as you click this button, a new interface will appear.
  • Here you will click on Report Account option at the bottom. As soon as you click it, it will take you to a new interface. The interface will ask you why you want to report the relevant account.
  • Now here we go to the next interface by choosing any reason. In this interface, it will ask you who is bothering the relevant account. Now you can choose the option from the options below.
instagram account report kaise kare
  • You can now report the relevant account by clicking on the submit report option shown below.

Questions about reporting on Instagram

1. How to report a video on Instagram?

You can report Instagram videos, posts and accounts on Instagram the same way you report them. First, click on the three dots that appear above the relevant video. After that click on the report option there. Now it will ask you for the region, you can select the desired region from here and report on the relevant video.

2. What happens when you report it on Instagram?

By reporting Instagram, you can protect your account from spammers, online scammers, and people who spread social differences. You can also help reduce illegal activity by filing a complaint on Instagram.

3. How can I check who reported us on Instagram?

There is no obvious way to control who reports you on Instagram. To know this, carefully check the comment section of your post and pay attention to your chat section.


Friends, what is your reaction to this article about reporting on Instagram, please specify in the comment box. If you are uncomfortable with such an Instagram account or post, you can complain on Instagram by following the method we mentioned in our article.

Everyone who wants to have information about Instagram or who wants to make news should send this article to them so that they can help as soon as possible and not be a victim of fraud on Instagram.

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