How to get Taco Bell Mexican Pizza before anyone else?

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The much-loved and everyone’s favorite Taco Bell Mexican Pizza is back for everyone. While everyone is literally freaking out for this dish from Taco Bell’s. It hasn’t been on the menu for a long time. But finally the wait is over and you can have the menu to feature the much loved Mexican Pizza. But how can you get one for yourself?

Read back with more details to learn more about Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza.

Taco Bell has removed Mexican Pizza from its menu

While Mexican Pizza is everyone’s favourite. We took the food off Taco Bell’s menu again in late 2020. Removing the food made the menu a bit better in terms of variety and prompt service.

However, it did not go well with many of them as they wanted to get Mexican Pizza back on the menu. After it was removed, it was talked about a lot on social media. 200,000 signature campaigns were launched to bring pizza back. After all, we now have an answer on the same topic.

Taco Bell brings back Mexican Pizza on its menu

What makes Mexican Pizza really popular is the two tortilla sheets topped with beef and pizza sauce. Topped with a mixture of beans, tomatoes and three cheeses. As everyone found the food delicious. Taco Bell has announced on social media that Mexican Pizza is back on the menu for everyone.

While we wait for the menu to show the return of Mexican Pizza starting May 19. You must be willing to know how and where you can have it. So, here we will tell you how to get your Pizza slice as soon as possible.

How to get Taco Bell Mexican Pizza?

While having this Mexican Pizza that’s even loved by Doja Cat and Dolly Parton. Here we tell you how you can enjoy a slice of Mexican Pizza. In fact, if you have the Taco Bell app to begin with.

Loyalty members can thus get Pizza from May 17th. Additionally, if you managed to get the Super Bowl LVI mystery trophy. Then you might be lucky to win a Mexican Pizza on May 19.

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How to get Taco Bell Mexican Pizza before anyone else How to get Taco Bell Mexican Pizza before anyone else?

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