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How to Get Rid of Lizards From Your Home

how to get rid of lizards

Repellents and other means of removing lizards from the home should be used sparingly. A single lizard may not be dangerous, but a large infestation should be dealt with on a large scale. To prevent lizards from coming inside your home, crack eggs and scatter them around your porch. This method is simple and will deter them from entering the house. The simplest way to do this is to place broken egg shells in boxes and then scatter them on the porch or on the ground. Alternatively, you can use evolutionary traits to discourage them from residing in your area.

First of all, try to avoid letting the lizards enter the house. Generally, lizards will not live in a home with a cluttered interior. Instead, they prefer to live in a clean environment with clean food and water. In order to keep lizards from living in your home, make sure that any cracks and entryways are sealed properly. Secondly, you should also avoid traps. If you’re having trouble removing a solitary rat, you can try a professional rat and mouse bait.

In order to get rid of a lizard, you can try to cool your house. The heat from the radiator will make your house uninviting to them, and the temperature will go down even more. However, if you’ve already cooled your home, you should consider getting a professional to help you with the task. During the winter, a cold house will make the lizards seek warmth outside.

You can also try placing eggshells around your home as a lizard repellent. They can’t stand the smell of eggs, and eggshells are an ideal source of food for them. Just make sure to replace the eggshells every three weeks. Or you can put quail eggs around the house as well. These methods may help you get rid of a lizard without the use of harsh chemicals.

How do you get rid of Lizards from your Home Naturally?

There are many simple solutions at home to rid yourself of lizards you can use in your home. Here are some that you can test for beneficial outcomes.

1. Coffee

Balls made from tobacco and coffee can be used to get rid of lizards. These balls can be put all over the home and you will see the lizards disappear or go away.

2. Naphthalene Balls

Put a few naphthalene balls in your home, inside every cupboard, drawer, or in the corners. Insects find the strong smell of these balls unpleasant and are advised to stay clear of them.

3. Pepper Spray

In a bowl, mix some pepper powder with water, then spray it inside the home in areas where you can see Lizards. Pepper is a irritant for lizards and stay away due to irritation.

4. Coldwater

Lizards are fond of warmth and prefer to be found in warm areas. One solution to this is to spray cold water over the lizard. This can hinder the lizard’s mobility once you have it caught and then dispose of it.

5. Peacock Feather

Peacocks can be a bit intimidating for lizards since the bird is well-known for making an excellent meal of the lizards. Peacock feathers are therefore a good way to be used to keep lizards out.

6. Eggshells

Eggshells smell strongly which makes lizards nauseous. They also give the impression that there’s an even larger creature in the vicinity and creates anxiety.

7. Tobasco Sauce Spray

Mix 2 or 3 spoons in water, then pour it into a spray container. Spray this on your walls or other areas in which you frequently see Lizards to repel them.

8. Onion

The Sulfur in onions emits an unpleasant smell that lizards aren’t able to take. Cut pieces and store them in the kitchen or mix the juice of an onion together with some water before spraying it.

9. Garlic

The presence of garlic cloves in the home will release an intense smell that can stop lizards from entering into. It is also possible to mix garlic juice and water, then spray it to achieve the similar result.

10. Flypaper

Flypaper is just as effective at catching lizards , as it is in taking fly. Put some of these flypapers on the wall and you’ll see creatures trapped by the adhesive. They can be easily removed from them in the future.

11. Phenyl Tablets

It is possible to place phenyl tablets in your home to keep off lizards. The tablets emit an unpleasant smell that isn’t appealing to lizards, and this keeps them from coming near.

12. Lemongrass

The lemongrass scent is a fantastic way to repel lizards, while making your home smell nice also. Simply keep a few blades lemongrass on your property.

Commercial Repellent Options to Get Rid of Lizards

If you’re trying to figure out how to eliminate the lizards permanently from your home Here are some commercial alternatives you might consider.

  • Natural pesticides can be applied around the home to eliminate Lizards
  • Organic granules which can help you eliminate pests, such as Lizards
  • Pest repelling electronic devices that spray insecticides and pesticides
  • Pest repelling sprays that do not kill the lizard , but stop them from getting into the home

Measures to Take for Keeping Lizards Away

Alongside taking extreme ways to keep your home free of lizards, you should adhere to a few essential actions to prevent having to face an infestation of lizards. The following guidelines can be the best way to prevent animals from coming into your home.


  • Make sure your house is neat and tidy. A clean home will have less dusty, damp and unprotected areas which could be attractive to an snake
  • Close your doors and windows
  • Make sure to seal any holes, cracks or openings that could provide an entrance point for creatures such as lizards and other pests.
  • Lizards are attracted by lights just like other insects. Therefore, switch off your lights when aren’t present in the space or if you don’t use it.
  • Install metal screens to protect your windows that are open to stop the entry of lizards
  • Don’t cram everything in the home. Leave enough space around 5 or six inches, between furniture pieces and walls to ensure that lizards don’t have comfortable hiding places
  • Maintain your home free of insects. Without prey to find, lizards won’t be able to hunt your home too.
  • A cat’s presence can help keep unwanted pests out


  • The frames and hangings that are on the walls provide lizards with plenty of places to hide. Limit the amount of hangings on your walls that you own.
  • Be careful not to spill your drink or food on the floor.
  • The stagnant water is the place where insects and mosquitoes breed, and are therefore, are very attractive to lizards. Get rid of any stagnant water
  • Get rid of trash bins frequently

Lizards can be an ugly presence in your home and are particularly unpleasant if you cannot bear their presence. It is recommended to eliminate the lizards and keep your home tidy and free of pests by with the above methods. Furthermore you could also purchase cats that destroy or chase away lizards. If you’re looking to get rid of the lizards without causing damage to the animals, put them inside a cardboard box and then releasing them outdoors.

 Incredible Ways to Get Rid of Lizards From Home | Simple Effective Remedies

Keeping your house cool is the best way to keep a lizard away. To keep a lizard from entering your house, you can use some remedies such as placing onions on your windowsills. Onions have an aromatic scent, so you can spray the juice on your kitchen countertops. To repel a lion, you can also sprinkle dried chilli powder. You can use a variety of herbs and spices to get rid of lizards.

Adding eggshells to your garden is another easy way to get rid of lizards. You can simply scoop up the lizards and place them in a container. This method will work for small and nonaggressive lizards. Be sure to wear gloves while handling lizards. While this is a safe way to get rid of livids, it can also be very effective.

Besides your kitchen and garden, lizards can live in your home as well. They can enter your house through window sills or overgrown plants. To keep them out of your house, you can also trim and remove plants around the house. If you have a large infestation, you may want to call a pest control service. They can help you get rid of lizards. If you don’t know how to get rid of lizards, you can try some of these solutions.

If you’re worried about the lizards in your house, you can try using a cardboard box to catch them indoors. A cardboard box will attract lizards because it is an acceptable shelter for them. The lizard will run into the box and then fall in it, thinking it is a place for them to hide. The best method for catching lizards is to use a plastic bag.

To prevent lizards from entering your home, place a few feathers on your windows and walls. Besides placing a flower-shaped vase near your windows, you can also use naphthalene balls on your floors and in your walls. A naphthalene ball has a pungent odor, which is a good deterrent for lizards.