Airtel USSD codes to check Airtel balance data validity | How to check airtel balance

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Airtel is among the most popular operators of telecom. There are more than a million subscribers. It is typical that Airtel customers have no details about their numbers such as Airtel users who are new have a particular problem of checking Airtel Balance. It is also possible to get details by calling Airtel USSD codes to determine your Airtel Balance and to get information regarding Airtel Prepaid. There’s a simple way to determine balance using the aid of Airtel USSD Codes, with which you will also be able to see details about your balance as well as the authenticity of your Airtel number.

In this article, we’ll provide you with two methods to examine Airtel Balance. In addition, Airtel will also provide an Important USSD Codes list, by using this list, you can find additional information about Airtel Prepaid.

  1. To find out the Airtel Balance, dial *123# from the dialer of your phone. Following this, you will receive the balance of your airtel.
  2. Dial *123*10# to check your Airtel Internet Balance. Once you have done this, you will be able check you Airtel Internet Balance.
  3. Call *121# to learn about the major offers provided by Airtel.
  4. Dial *123*9# for checking Airtel 2G internet Balance.
  5. Dial *141# for Airtel Instant Loan.

Airtel important USSD codes List

It is crucial for the SIM user of any network to have an understanding of the USSD codes for common networks which can be used to check the balance of the main account in addition to the balance net. Airtel SIM users should also be aware of the best way to determine the balance of their Airtel Balance and which USSD codes and numbers to dial for what facility.

If you’re connected to the airtel network i.e. you have an airtel sim. This is why we have compiled an overview of Airtel Important USSD codes, using which you will be able to find information on the various services that are connected to the network.

Airtel USSD CodesAirtel USSD Codes and function
*123#To verify the remaining balance in prepaid, and to verify the validity of the user
121Customer Care number to register network, or to resolve any issue
*121#For details about the various special offers from Airtel
198to file a complaint
*121*7#To find out information on the transactions that occurred in the last five days of users.
1909To start Airtel DND Service.
*121*2#To get to know Airtel Data Balance
*123*7#To check the balance of SMS with the Free Call Rate STD
*123*8#To determine the remaining balance of the free STD minutes
*678#To access Caller Tune, click here. Caller Tune menu
*282#To get your airtel’s number.
SMS START to 121to allow any feature to be enabled.
SMS STOP to 121the right to stop any type of service

How to Check Airtel Balance Using Airtel Thanks App?

Another method of checking the current account balance for Airtel in India that is known as Airtel Thanks Application The initial name of the app was My Airtel but later, the name has been changed Airtel Thanks. If you’re looking to find out the Airtel Balance with the help of this app, you can follow the simple steps below to help you do this.

    1. To begin, install Airtel Thanks App from the Play Store. If you’re an iOS user, you will need go to App Store and search for Airtel Thank You App.
    2. Then, launch the app, and then register your phone number.
    3. Once the registration process is completed, you are able to examine you’re Airtel Balance on Prepaid by going to My Account option. In addition you will also receive information on the details of your Internet Offer, Current Pack Information as well as SMS Pack details and the Main Offers.

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Today , in this blog post, I’ll tell you how to find out Airtel Balance. Additionally, I also provided information about the crucial USSD Codes of Airtel here. I hope that this info will be helpful for you. If you enjoyed this article make sure to share it with others as well. If you have any questions related to this article or to inquire about any other Airtel USSD codes, please tell us via comments.