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How to Calculate a CGPA

how to calculate cgpa

Using a CGPA calculator is important for a variety of reasons. For example, you can use it to find out what your overall grade point average is. Most schools use a typical score system. Then, you can use it to convert multiple grades into one. Just make sure to enter the marks carefully and add up the total number of grades. Once you know the exact number of credits, you can start to calculate your CGPA.

When calculating a CGPA, you can use the same formula as you do for GPA. The GPA is equal to the total grade points of each semester. The total number of semester credit hours is divided by the number of subjects taken. You can use these calculators to find out what your CGPA is. Depending on your school, you can also use a calculator to determine your CGPA.

CGPA is calculated by combining the grade points of five subjects. Usually, a student will have a GPA of between 3.5 and 3.4. The CGPA formula is based on the number of credits taken in a semester. The calculators will ask you to enter the marks in each subject, and the overall score for each semester. The calculator will then divide the given targets by the total number of semester hours.

Cumulative Graduation Point Average (CGPA) is an assessment tool that is used to measure your academic progress. For in the Bachelor of Engineering programs, CGPA is used to determine the student’s overall standing (this covers all the courses count toward the diploma) and, if applicable for the case of a minor.

You CGPA can be calculated as divising the sum of your grade points by the credit value of courses you’ve taken.

Percentage EquivalencyPoints for grading 1.0 creditsCredits Points Grades 0.5 creditsGrade Points worth 0.25 credits
90-100%A+ = 12.0A+ = 6.0A+ = 3.0
85-89%A = 11.0A = 5.5A = 2.75
80-84%A- = 10.0A- = 5.0A- = 2.5
77-79%B+ = 9.0B+ = 4.5B+ = 2.25
73-76%B = 8.0B = 4.0B = 2.0
70-72%B- = 7.0B- = 3.5B- = 1.75
67-69%C+ = 6.0C+ = 3.0C+ = 1.5
63-66%C = 5.0C = 2.5C = 1.25
60-62%C- = 4.0C- = 2.0C- = 1.0
57-59%D+ = 3.0D+ = 1.5D+ = 0.75
53-56%D = 2.0D = 1.0D = 0.5
50-52%D- = 1.0D- = 0.5D- = 0.25
0-49%F = 0.0F = 0.0F = 0.0

Did you even know?

  • F grades are counted as part of the CGPA calculation(s) until they are removed by the repetition of a course or replacement. When a course repeats with the highest grade, the most recent attempt is considered (unless the most recent attempt was one of F grades or a prior successful grade).
  • UNS or SAT grades don’t affect your CGPA.
  • The credits earned through an agreement with the University of Ottawa Exchange agreement are included in CGPA calculation, however, courses taken at another institution (through letters of Permission or Exchange) aren’t.
  • Courses marked as Exccess to Degree (ETD) and no credit for your degree (NCD) and Forfeit or Transfer credits (TR) cannot be counted when calculating your CGPAs.

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Besides being a general grade point average, a student’s CGPA can also be calculated by using the semester grade point average. For each semester, you need to add the grade points in each subject and multiply that by 9.5. Then, you can multiply this total number of credits by the total number of semesters to get your CGPA. Once you know what your CGPA is, you can compare it to other students. You can use this to see which ones are better than others.

When calculating your CGPA, you must remember that the CGPA is a grade point average that is calculated by summing up the grade points of five subjects. During your school career, you must calculate your CGPA based on this, or your CGPA will not be the same as other students. Once you know your CCPA, you can look for a CGPA calculator online.

Once you know your CGPA, you must convert it into a percentage. Once you know the CGPA, you can use a CGPA calculator to calculate the percentage of your grade points. By using the calculator, you will be able to easily apply this formula to your CGPA. If you are looking for an admission or a job, your CGPA is an excellent indication of your potential.