How to block Airtel Sim Block: How do I block Airtel SIM Card Online?

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Today in this blog post we are most likely to inform How to Block Airtel Sim If you are an Airtel User as well as you airtel If you intend to block or quit SIM for any reason after that this post is for you. Many times it happens with individuals that their mobile phone is lost or swiped with which their SIM card is affixed. Or they do not intend to use their SIM card for any other reason and also in this instance, they consider blocking the SIM card. if your SIM If it gets taken, the only remedy is to block it to ensure that nobody can misuse it. Today in this message we will outline the proper way to block Airtel SIM cards.

Just How To Block Airtel Sim To Block Just How Do,

If your Airtel SIM card is lost and you desire that no one can abuse that SIM card, after that you can stop Airtel Providers promptly. If you wish to Deactivate your Airtel Number after that you can obstruct your Airtel Sim Card by following some straightforward steps. Follow the actions provided listed below to block the Airtel SIM card.

  1. First of all take a phone in which Airtel Sim is installed.
  2. Airtel customer care number on 198 or 121 call Do it.
  3. Follow the instructions and place a call to the Customer Care Executive. For this call you will be charged 50 paise per 3 minutes.
  4. Talk to the customer service executive and ask them to block your SIM card number.
  5. After this, the Customer Care Executive will ask you some questions to verify your ownership like Last Recharge, some call details and your address etc. to prove that the SIM card is yours.
  6. Answer their questions correctly. Your Airtel SIM card will be blocked once your Ownership is verified.

In the above-mentioned ways, you can easily block your Airtel Sim Card by following 6 simple steps. If you want, after losing your SIM, you can go to the nearest Airtel Store and get a second SIM card from the same number by turning off that number. For this, you will need Valid Identity Proof and Address Proof.

Airtel SIM Card : How activate do,

If you buy a new Airtel SIM card then you need to follow the steps given below to activate it.

If you are a new Airtel Prepaid SIM Card If you want to buy, then for this you have to submit KYC documents like your Identity Proof and Address Proof in Airtel Store. After this a small biometric test will be taken from you and a new SIM card will be registered in your name. After that you have to activate the SIM card. You can activate the SIM card after 30 minutes of buying it. Follow the steps given below to activate the new Airtel SIM card.

  1. Switch off your phone and put a new Airtel SIM in the SIM card slot.
  2. Turn on the phone and wait for the network to come after half an hour.
  3. If the network comes in your phone, then call on 59059 from your new Airtel number itself.
  4. After this there will be a small Tele Verification which you will have to complete. After this your new Airtel SIM card will be activated.
  5. After this you will be able to use your new Airtel SIM card.
  6. If you Airtel SIM is not working in your phone then you restart your phone once.

The last word,

Today in this post I told about how to block Airtel SIM cards. I hope this information will be helpful for you. If you liked this post then don’t forget to share it on social media. If you want to ask any questions related to this post, then comment below.