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Dear friends, you don’t own a vehicle, but regardless of whether it’s a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has introduced the HSRP (High-Security Registration Plates) obligatory on all automobiles. Today, we will know the following things: How to apply for the New Number Plate?, HSRP Online Apply Kaise Kare, HSRP Full Form What is the cost to be paid for the New Number Plate, in how many days the New Number Plate is available, everything you need to know read this article carefully to learn more about the process.

In this case when you are also driving a vehicle, and you still have the old number plate you created yourself and put on your vehicle, it’s ineffective when you drive a car with an old number plate on the road. This means that reason, a heavy penalty that could be paid. If you wish to avoid this penalty or challan, it’s recommended that you purchase this HSRP (High-Security Registration Plates) installed on your vehicle.

There are two ways to have this plate put in within your vehicles, one on the internet and then offline. You can make use of either of these methods and both methods need to pay the exact amount. If you’d like to cut down your time, you can apply for HSRP online. In in general, the majority of customers get HSRP created for their bicycle or vehicle by this method.

Full Form HSRP

Friends Do are you aware of what HSRP is? Or HSRP Ka full form? first of all, we provide information about its full form. The full description for HSRP is called High Security Registration Plate. On this number plate you will find a hologram with different colors on each number plate. With the help of the Hologram, all information of the person who owns the vehicle will be visible.

For instance, in whose name was the vehicle under it’s name, the individual and his address or mobile number and so on. Everything are traceable. It is now compulsory for everyone to install this plate. Since the process was introduced in 2012 onwards. Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh have been made obligatory for the states. If you are residents of Uttar Pradesh, Delhi or Himachal Pradesh, then you must have a security number plate mounted onto your automobile.

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How do I apply for a the New Number Plate?

If you’ve recently purchased an automobile, bike (New Number Plates for Bike and Car) or any other vehicle and been given a number plate on it, you must have it removed as soon as possible as the vehicle or any other high-security number plate on the vehicle. They are also fined within some days from now.

If you’re considering that Bicycle Par N.P. Kaise is a new number plate? Then you’ll need complete online registration for the New Number Plate.

The process of registering is easy, you can do it using your mobile device. And if you own a computer or laptop, using it, you could also apply for a the New Number Plate.

We must now, and without wasting our time, find out how to apply HSRP Online? If you’re applying using your phone for to get a new number, you must use the Google Chrome browser of your phone.

The Requirement to Apply for New Number Plate

If we fill out any online form, then the majority the time we spend searching for our documents, therefore it is recommended that you take a seat with all of the documents you need before filling in any form. This is why we recommend the same requirements that you need to fill out when applying for HSRP and you’ll not spend a lot of time and we’d like to inform you beforehand what you’ll require when filling out the application form.

  • In the first place, you need to be aware of the registration number for your car.
  • In addition it is also important to be aware of the Chassis number of your car (you will find both of these printed on your registration card).
  • Then, you must be aware of the engine number of your vehicle. You will be able to find it in the RC.
  • Alongside all this You should also be aware of where the dealership or showroom for the car you own near to home.
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If you have knowledge regarding these issues You can then apply HSRP yourself.

The HSRP Online Registration Procedure

As we informed you, there are two ways to apply for HSRP the first step to find out about the online method is to register online for the New Number Plate.

Step 1. For this you first Go to

register for new number plate

After that, you’ll notice two different number plates in the event that your vehicle is a regular vehicle, then click on the number plate with a white background or if you own commercially, then click on the yellow number plate. Make sure you do it.

Step 2. Now after this you will need to fill in the details of your reservation, such since we have already told you what you’ll require, choose the location where you live. You will then have to fill in your Registration number, the Chassis No., Engine Number, and Captcha Code.

add vehicle details

Step 3. Now after this you need to fill out the Fitment Location, which is to say that if the bike you own is part of the Hero company and you want to visit the closest Hero showroom in your area and then select the exact model in the Fitment Location.

Step 4. Then after that you must make an appointment to get your number plate. This is also dependent on your location, as when I scheduled the appointment to get a number plate for my bike I was granted three months in the process. The appointment was later. It will be apparent that you have the option of selecting the date when you will receive your appointment in empty.

The information you’ve entered will be reflected as a summary. In this, you need to verify whether the details you’ve provided are correct or not and if they are, then you must correct it as soon as possible otherwise you’ll have issues later. can.

step 5. After this you must pay HSRP fees which may differ for every vehicle. So I’ll tell you that you could be required to pay anything from 400-1000 rupees, and this is contingent upon the vehicle. What is your car’s performance?

If you are planning to apply for a Number Plates for your bike then you’ll need to pay a lower fee for this, and when your vehicle is larger and you’ll need to pay more.

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You can pay online by using the Debit Card to pay the fee.

Once the payment is made and you have completed it, you should take a copy of the receipt for the transaction because if you are ready to take your number plate, the receipt of your Fees can be demanded from you.

The order number is included in the receipt you download. This receipt will be extremely useful to you, so make sure to keep the receipt in your pocket. There is a way to could use the HSRPYou could apply on the internet to apply for this, should you wish to inquire about anything you should ask it by writing it in the box below for comments.

How do you track the new Number Plate?

If you are looking to purchase a brand fresh number plate on your bicycle or place an order for an unrelated number to your car, it might take a few days to arrive this day. In this case in the event that due to certain reasons, it takes longer or is delayed, you can track the process using the order’s number.

If you are tracking the status of your Amazon, Flipkart orders, you can track it the same manner.

Click on this link to track high security plate And whatever things have been asked here, you fill it.

Finally, write your Captcha Code and click on Search After that, you will be able to determine where your Number Plate has been positioned.

If you are still having issues or have any questions regarding it, you can contact us direct by calling HSRP Support. Support.

Toll Free Number: 18001200201

E-mail ID – [email protected]

We have both a Toll Free number and email ID for youto choose which one you prefer to make use of.

In today’s article, we’ll be meeting you in the near future with updated information. Today we’ve provided information about this article. A New Plate Ke Liye Have you heard about HSRP Online Application or HSRP Registration Procedure.

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