How Did Lil Phat Die? Melvin Vernell III’s Mysterious Death Check Death Shot Video

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A viral video of shooting at a person is circulating everywhere, the shocking video baffling all viewers. When the video went viral all over social media and popularly known as ‘Lil Phat’ it was learned that it was the famous Tapper Melvin Vernell. It all happened while Vernell was preparing to give birth to her baby at the clinic with her fiancee when she was shot by unidentified people. The gruesome event caught the attention of a significant number of people. Find out more about Who Shot Lil Phat.

As soon as the entire file came to the attention of the police, they began their investigation. On initial investigation, law enforcement determined that it was a premeditated murder. The jury also said that a total of four people were involved in the murder of the Georgian musician. The police department is tracking down all the criminals involved in this mysterious murder. After the murder, many people were convicted of murder. The musician was also accused of using drugs.

Lil Phat Cause of Death?

Police officers later discovered that Lil Phat was in the hospital with his fiancee, Alnese Frazier. Her fiancee was on medical leave and was preparing to give birth to the baby in the hospital. Police said they have so far found a total of 5 suspects in the crime and on Thursday the officer arrested Deandre Washington, the 25-year-old prime suspect, accused of murdering the rapper. All criminals are sentenced to life imprisonment and will not be released before twenty years.

The killer was executed as a result of a misunderstanding when they planned to kill Vernell because they wanted to punish him for a narcotic robbery that Vernell had planned. The last suspect taken into custody for investigation will soon proceed for further investigation and will be sentenced heavily by the jury. The culprit was charged with murder charges.

The murder took place on June 6, 2012, beyond the Northside Clinic in Sandy Springs, Atlanta, with her fiancee, who was preparing to give birth to their baby. The case garnered a lot of attention, and all family members and fans of the rapper were heartbroken. We will get back to you with more information on the case.