How are scenes made in movies involving drugs?

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How are scenes about drug use made in movies?

A scene from the movie The Wolf of Wall Street

Most drinks are changed by color. Water replaces cachaça and vodka. It replaces still tea or guarana whiskey, drinks are made with water and dyes, and beer is replaced by non-alcoholic beer.

When players need to smoke, regular cigarettes are nicotine-free ones. During marijuana, regular tobacco, herbal (herbal) cigarettes or cannabis, which do not contain the active substance THC, can be used – so that no one gets drunk.

We use wheat flour or powdered sugar in scenes where it is enough to show cocaine. But if the player needs to inhale the “medicine”, the most common is salt water powder. It looks like cocaine and is safe for the player to breathe.

Another tactic is to apply Vaseline to the cylinder from which the medicine was drawn: when the player smells it, most of the dust will stick to it and will not reach the nose. In Scorsese’s movie “The Wolf of Wall Street,” actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill took a B vitamin shot during filming.