How many qualities of a horoscope should be found for a successful marriage? Gun Matching For Successful Marriage

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What characteristics of the horoscope must be considered to ensure the best union The Guna-Matching to ensure a Success in Marriage

Hindu marriage isn’t just the union of two lovers in this case, the traits of each are aligned prior to getting married. To determine the compatibility between these two people the horoscopes of both are matched in all ways, on this basis, they are married and the futures are determined. Astrology holds a unique place in Hindu society. In this, each task is carried out in accordance with the Muhurta or the conditions for the earth’s planets.

Marriage is an exciting time for men, and it brings major and fresh changes to his life. When the discussion of wedding begins with Hindu society, prior to the character that the man and girl are matched, the horoscopes are aligned, and the astrological sign cannot be determined, but when the horoscope is favorable and the couple is happy, then marriage is accomplished.

Gun Matching –

To ensure a happy family life it is crucial to find the right qualities in the husband and wife. These characteristics are confirmed with the help of the horoscope. The horoscope of a human being is constructed by analyzing the birth date the sun, his time and location. The horoscopes are prepared based on the location in the constellations of your house at date of birth. At the time of marriage, whether boy or girl are matched to this horoscope. In the process of matching the horoscope for marriage, mostly eight things are in sync, they are:

a qualityWhat is the importance to ensure that it is compatible
Home friendship5

In the Kundli the Kundli, there are 36 characteristics that are a result of combining all these. The more traits the boy and girl are able to combine, the more successful the marriage will be.

a qualityHow do you receive the number of qualities?
less than 18This match isn’t considered to be worthy of marriage. It is believed that this marriage does not work.
18 – 25A perfect match for marriage.
25 – 32This is the perfect combination for marriage. This union is successful.
32 – 36This is the ideal match The marriage is extremely prosperous.

In the event that the traits are matched and characteristics, the character of the girl and the boy is mixed. Marriages that are planned are generally done in Indian society. If two people do not have the chance to meet each the other’s characteristics, and they are matched according to the horoscope. In this way, it can be known how much distinction exists in the personality of the two people but it is not a cause to disputes later on because of miscommunication.

Manglik Dosh –

Any person whose horoscope is Manglik by birth is referred to as Manglik Dosh. This is the main aspect to consider when it comes to matching horoscopes. If the horoscope for any of the males or girls is Manglik the horoscope is carefully mixed using the aid of astrologers and it is determined. In general, if one has Manglik Kundli, but the other does not, it’s not a good candidate for marriage because of Manglik Dosha. However, often the other’s Manglik Dosh is reduced depending on the house conditions of the other’s Horoscope.

How do you match the characteristics (How to Find Kundali) (How To Match Kundali)

If the physical, mental, and mental attributes of the girl’s horoscope appear stronger than those of the boy’s, then the traits of both aren’t good. In contrast, if there is more happiness for the family in the horoscope of a girl than the boy’s horoscope and vice versa, then the same qualities are evident in both.

Let’s examine in depth the eight matches in the horoscope. —

Characters (Mental Matching) ,

The highest score is 1. In this, the self-esteem of the boy girl is in line with. There are four based on the Vedas which are Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. If the name is identical in the horoscope of the boy and girl the girl, it is a sign of getting the persona.

Vaishya (Who is going to rule who) (Who will dominate whom)

Two marks are the maximum needed for this match. The boy can see in the girl’s horoscope who will rule who is who will be the one to rule the home. We’ve seen it in five ways .

  1. Man
  2. Vanchar
  3. Chatuspad (four-legged)
  4. waterfowl
  5. Insects that live in water

Tara (the place that the star is in at moment of the birth) (the position of the constellation at the time of birth)

Three marks are the maximum required for this game. After marriage the health of the both spouses is affected because of this. This is accomplished by the number of stars in their Horoscopes at the time of birth. In addition, there are 9 stars in the horoscope at when you were born. Janam Sampat Vipata, Kshem, Pratari, Sadhak, Slaughter, Mitra and Ati Mitra.

cunt –

Maximum of 4 marks are needed in this game. Through this match, what is the relationship between the boy girl discovered. By this match the house state of the constellation can be observed in the birth chart that is of both the boy and girl. Each constellation is a representation of the animal that is in it. If they share similar constellations in their horoscopes their lives as a family are considered excellent.

For instance, if it is a mongoose astrological sign in the horoscope of one, and a snake constellation in the other’s, this is a match of zero because snakes and mongooses are naturally antagonists of one the other.

The names of the 14 animals are listed below. reveal the character traits of the person in question for the person.

  • horse
  • Gaza
  • Sheep
  • Snake
  • Self (dog)
  • marjarah (cat)
  • mouse (rat)
  • cow
  • Mahisha (Buffalo)
  • Vyagraha (Tiger)
  • deer
  • Apes (monkeys)
  • Nakula (weasel)
  • lion (lion)

Home Friendship –

It is required to earn the maximum score of 5 marks in this game. This test will determine what the natural behavior, mental characteristics as well as the happiness of children and the mutual love that exists between the couple. This test will reveal what relationships between the boys and girl will be, if they’ll remain friends, and enemies, or just normal.

It’s also in line with the 7 planets –

  1. Sun
  2. moon
  3. Fortunate
  4. Wed
  5. Teacher
  6. Venus
  7. Saturn

Qualities (compatibility with the natural world) —

Minimum 6 marks are needed to play this game. This is why the character, the way of playing between the two teams can be observed. It’s mixed up in three different ways.


In this class, people are more religious and less materialistic.

Human ,

In this realm man is able to maintain the balance between spirituality and materialism.


In this regard, men are more materialistic and less spiritual.

Bhakoot (match between zodiac signs) –

A minimum of 7 marks is required for this competition. It describes the way to ensure happiness between two people. It is the determinant of family as well as the economic and emotional wellbeing within the relationship. The moon’s signs are as follows: It determines the family, economic prosperity and happiness of the couple.

  1. Sheep
  2. Taurus
  3. Gemini
  4. Cancer
  5. Lion
  6. Virgo
  7. Libra
  8. Scorpio
  9. sagittarius
  10. Capricorn
  11. Aquarius
  12. Pisces

Nadhi (compatibility in health) ,

A minimum number of eight points is needed to play this match. It examines the genetic compatibility between these two. It determines the probabilities of progeny. There are three types of nadis.

  1. e.t.c
  2. Middle
  3. the final

In the event of a match it is it is the game of Nadhi is the most popular and has the most points. Nadhi dosha is considered to be a fantastic dosha. There shouldn’t be an equally strong pulses between the boy and girl because of this, there is more tension between them, and there’s no meditation of the thoughts. Similar Nadhi is known as Nadhi Dosha. If there’s a distinct Nadis that is different between a boy and a girl, it’s considered to be a reliable indicator that it is Nadhi Shuddhi. The pulse of an individual is determined by the time of birth. There isn’t any happiness for children because of Nadhi dosha. If there’s an infant, there is an element of danger for his existence.