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In this article, we will inform you how to perform Hindi typing on a computer. This article will provide details on this. You are aware of the importance being accorded to the Hindi language in the present. In the past few years, it was the case that the English language was trendy, but nowadays the Hindi language is the most popular across the nation.

If you are talking about the internet, you’ll see many blogs from India solely in Hindi. Additionally but these days, there are people creating mostly Hindi YouTube channels in Hindi as well. Thus, Hindi typing The demand for Hindi Typing has grown today.

The trend for the Hindi language is growing rapidly Many people also want the ability to create content on their website in Hindi on their websites too. If we would like to write in the Hindi language on mobile devices and tablets, we can write with a Hindi keyboard.

However, when it comes to Hindi typing on computers, certain people start thinking about it and begin to think that they are actually. computers how to type in Hindi, If you are thinking like this, then you don’t have to be thinking about it anymore. We are about to provide you with the answer to your issue. Let’s say you are Hindi typing on the computer. What can you do?

how do you type hindi in a computerdo? , laptop and computer me hindi typing kaise kare

There are two ways to type in Hindi on a computer, with that you can perform Hindi typing. We will discuss these methods below.

1. Using the Google Hindi Input Tool do hindi typing

Thanks to this tool, you are able to effortlessly write Hindi using your personal computer. However, you cannot download this program by installing it onto your computer since Google has removed it from their database.

This means that you are unable to install it on your computer. However, in the event that you installed the program on your PC before it was removed, you are able to use it. If you’ve not yet installed it, you don’t have to worry as we’ll tell you how to make use of it.

If you’d like to utilize this tool, you are able to use it in two different ways, and we’ll explain each one in the following paragraphs.

  1. The Google Hindi input tool is available on the internet.
  2. You can make use of it by installing an extension on your Google Chrome browser.

We will now explain to you step-by-step how to use Google’s input tool for Hindi. The first step is to tell you how to do it online and then give you the alternative method.

  1. To begin, visit the Google input tool on the internet.
  2. Once you have gotten to this website you must select the Hindi language. And afterwards, you will type on the keyboard on your computer.

This is the way to go online to do it, let us now show you how to install the extension on Google Chrome browser.

  1. First , you need open Google Chrome browser, after you visit the Chrome web store and then search Google input tool. After that, you will receive the extension. On the right side on the extension you’ll be able to see it added to Chrome and you need click it. The extension can be installed to your Chrome when it is clicked.
  2. When the extension is installed on the Chrome browser, it will notice the icon at the top right-hand corner in your web browser. You must click on the icon and then you will be presented with extension options. Click on this option.
  3. When you click on the extension button then you’ll receive the option to select the setting the language. You will need to choose the language you want to use in it. Once you’ve selected the language, you are able to begin to use it.

This was the first method to accomplish Hindi typing on a computer. Now let us tell you another method of Hindi typing.

2. Use of Hindi Fonts typing in hindi on computer

This is the second-most simple method of typing Hindi on your computers, and a lot of users also utilize this method. However, there are a few who aren’t sure how to utilize this method. If you don’t know how to perform Hindi typing on your computer using Hindi fonts,

Don’t worry, today we’ll show you how to make use of Hindi fonts. Below, we have provided the step-by-step guideline that you can follow to effortlessly perform Hindi writing on your PC.

  1. To be able to use Hindi Fonts first you have to download the Hindi Fonts Pack.
  2. The file will be within the zip file. In order to open the zip file, you must download any zip program. Then, you can open the zip file using the aid of this program. Then, open it. Then open the Hindi Fonts Pack file.
  3. When you open the pack after opening it, the entire collection of Hindi fonts will appear before you, make copies of all these Hindi fonts.
  4. The next step is to navigate to the control panel on your computer and select the large icon to view by. When you click it then it will appear in the Fonts folder will be displayed before you. After that, you must select this folder.
  1. Once clicking on the folder it will appear in front of you. All the Hindi fonts that you copied need to be inserted into this folder. You are now able to use your Hindi fonts are installed on your computer.
  2. Then you are able to go to an editor for text and perform Hindi typing. Keep in mind you need an understanding of Hindi typing.

Hindi Typing Kaise kare in Computer

Other concerns related to how to accomplish Hindi typing on computers

How do you do Hindi typing on your computer?

With the aid with the help of Google Hindi Input Tools and Hindi Font You can perform Hindi typing on your computer.

What is the cost for typing Hindi in a computer?

If you follow the above techniques, you won’t be charged any fees to type Hindi on your computers.

There are various ways to type Hindi on a laptop, PC and on a computer?

You can’t, but you can perform Hindi typing on a computer laptops, computers as described by us.


So , in this post, we will tell readers Hindi typing kaise kar on laptops as well as on a computer. in general. two strategies are provided to help you achieve this. We hope you enjoyed the article today. If you liked the article today make sure to be sure to share it with your acquaintances and on social media platforms to ensure that the information be seen by more people.