Heatwave heads to East Coast this weekend

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Some states across the country are expected to see extremely high temperatures on Friday and over the weekend. National Weather ServiceIt marks one of the first major heatwaves of 2022. Nineteen states and Washington, DC can set or bind existing high temperature records.

The warm southwest wind flowing around Bermuda is expected to keep temperatures high in the South, as the “active weather pattern” is moving a “large heat dome” from the South to the East Coast and Northeast, according to the NWS. Even as warm air moves towards the East Coast, southern states can expect temperatures to stay around 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The heatwave will continue in Central Plain states such as Texas and Oklahoma, as high pressure is expected to keep temperatures at least 20 degrees above average. Temperatures are expected to cool by Monday, according to the NWS.

heat wave.png
Temperature graph from the National Weather Service Prediction Center


NWS Weather Forecast Center, “High temperatures plaguing south-central US will spread/slip northeast over weekend” I said Thursday. “Temperatures up to the 90s in the Northeast can be particularly effective/dangerous for vulnerable groups.”

With heat remaining one of the “leading weather-related killers in the United States,” the NWS encouraged for residents to control their friends and family, who are particularly vulnerable to high temperatures, as well as heat safety practices.

High temperatures cause hundreds of deaths each year, according to the NWS. Vulnerable groups such as pregnant individuals, children and older adults should limit their time spent in the heat. Parents are also encouraged to check their vehicles for children and pets, as even 10 minutes in hot cars can lead to death.