Harry Patel and the Donald Kingdom: Trump Aide Kash Patel’s Children’s Book Continues the False Narrative on the Steele Dossier

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Kashyap ‘Kash’ Pramod Patel, a former Trump administration intelligence and defense official, wrote a children’s book that perpetuates the lie about the FBI’s investigation into the Trump-Russia collusion, linking the investigation to the so-called Steele File. Guard. Launching May 16, the book “Conspiracy Against the King” is “Duke Devin” “King Donald” by Patel (former congressman, now Trump Media and Technology Group).

Steele Dossier is a controversial opposition investigative report compiled by British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, which includes “alleged allegations of misconduct, conspiracy and collaboration between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the Russian government” before and during the 2016 election campaign. Some claims in the report were not confirmed.

The Indian-American writes, citing former FBI directors James Comey and Hillary Clinton, that King Donald was mistakenly accused of cheating by a “slug Keeper Comey” and “Hillary Queenton”. The sorcerer Patel then declares to the kingdom, the book says, “King, King Donald, innocent” and “didn’t work with the Russians” – in reference to Russia – and “Hillary wrote this article,” according to The Guardian. and slid the sneaky slugs into the steel box.”

The Guardian notes that Patel’s “35-page volume, complete with an epilogue detailing the false allegations about Donald Trump’s FBI investigation, makes a peculiar use of children’s fictional characters to provide a revisionist account of the investigation that followed the first two years of the war.” The Trump presidency and eventually led to a special prosecutor investigation. ”

The book follows conservative political commentator and far-right provocateur Dinesh D’Souza’s latest film, “2000 Mules,” marketing Trump’s election lies. Released earlier this month, the movie claims that paid or unpaid political agents placed ballots in ballot boxes in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to facilitate voting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a PR Newswire press release, the movie was released in more than 270 theaters across the US. In its first weekend, the film reportedly earned more than a million dollars on the subscription-based platform of right-wing YouTube rival Rumble.

However, as one Twitter user pointed out, it stands in stark contrast to the children’s book published by Preet Bharara, the former US Attorney General for the Southern District of New York. According to the synopsis for the book on the website of publisher Penguin Random House, Bharara explains in clear and simple language what justice is and what it takes to achieve justice even for the youngest of readers, entitled “Justice… A Guide to Young Truth Seekers.”

“Following examples of historical justice-seekers, such as Ida B. Wells, John Lewis, Malala, whose actions best showcase these qualities by asking tough questions, staying open-minded, advocating the truth, and using their voices and bodies to fight injustice. Yousafzai et al., this up-to-date book is perfect for exploring the concept of justice. Inspire young readers to fight for justice in their own world and remain hopeful that standing together can lead to victory.” website says.

Largely overlooked during the Trump administration, Patel went from an unknown Hill employee to one of the most powerful players in the national security apparatus.

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Harry Patel and the Donald Kingdom Trump Aide Kash Patels Harry Patel and the Donald Kingdom: Trump Aide Kash Patel's Children's Book Continues the False Narrative on the Steele Dossier

He played a “huge role” in Congressman Nunes’ attempt to undermine the Mueller investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. He flew to England in the summer of 2108, where he unsuccessfully tried to meet with Christopher Steele, the author of the Steele dossier, who detailed the links between the Trump campaign and Russia. Patel was the primary author of a 2018 memo published by Nunes over the FBI’s objections, accusing federal investigators of being biased against Trump and his team.

Prior to his Pentagon appointment, Patel served as the Vice President of the National Security Council (NSC) and senior director of Counterterrorism (CT). He also served as the chief assistant to the Acting Director of National Intelligence, where he “oversaw the operations of 17 intelligence community agencies and provided the president’s daily briefing,” according to his Department of Defense profile.

Patel is among several Trump supporters subpoenaed by the January 6 Investigative Committee. He was serving as Deputy Secretary of Defense Christopher C. Miller’s Chief of Staff at the time of the attack, after Trump appointed Mark T. Esper as the senior Pentagon official to replace him. In this role, he was responsible for managing the secretary’s mission in the department, including the executive staff, and advising the secretary on all matters pertaining to the department’s operations.

It was widely reported that Patel was in constant contact with former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows on the day of the riots. “He was also involved in discussions among senior Pentagon officials before and during the security-related attack on the Capitol,” the New York Times said, citing documents provided by the Department of Defense.

A day after the attack, Patel issued a statement rejecting Trump’s reluctance to place the National Guard in the Capitol on January 6. Patel said he had spoken to the “National Guard personnel request in D.C. several times this week.” The President communicated to the acting secretary that he must take appropriate steps to support the demands of civilian law enforcement in maintaining the security of the Capitol and federal buildings.”