Hair should be washed after swimming or not, know what is right

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Most of the people go for swimming in summer to overcome fatigue. But during this time special care should be taken of the hair.

Swimming is the best exercise for workout. It relaxes the body along with weight loss. Most of the people like to swim in the summer season. Chlorine is used in swimming pool water to keep bacteria away which can be harmful to the hair. Swimming daily makes hair dry. In this case, take extra care of the hair. In this article, we will tell how to take care of hair after swimming as well as whether to wash hair after swimming or not. Let’s know the important tips for hair care.

moisturize hair

We all know that chlorine is used in swimming pools which can damage the hair. Before going to the swimming pool, use hair serum, coconut oil or conditioner in the hair. This will reduce the effect of chlorine on the hair. Because chlorine is absorbed very quickly in dry hair.

use swim cap

A cap must be used before going to the pool. Many women do not use caps. But swim cap should be used for hair care. With this you will be able to protect your hair from chlorine. But keep in mind that before wearing the swim cap, apply hair serum or coconut oil to the hair. (Benefits of Swimming)

hair wash

tricks to take care hair after swimming ()

After swimming, there is a question in the mind of many people whether hair wash should be done or not. But for hair care it is better to wash the hair after swimming. If you do not wash your hair after swimming, the chemicals can damage your hair. On the other hand, many women do not want to use shampoo after swimming daily. Because even daily shampooing can damage the hair. If you do not want to use shampoo daily, then you can also wash your hair with clean water. (Hair Care Tips)

Homemade Hair Mask

If your hair has become dry due to daily hair wash after swimming, then you can use a homemade hair mask instead of shampoo. This is a better option. This will nourish your hair as well as keep the hair away from chemicals.

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mask for frizzy hair

tricks to take care hair after swimming ()

To make a hair mask, take one egg and half a lemon.


  • First take a bowl.
  • Break an egg into this bowl and add it.
  • Use egg whites for hair masks.
  • Now add lemon juice to the egg white.
  • Mix both well and make a smooth paste.
  • Take your hair mask is ready.

honey hair mask

To make a homemade hair mask, take one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of coconut oil.


  • To make the mask, first take a bowl.
  • Mix one spoon of honey and coconut oil in this bowl.
  • Now heat this paste till the honey melts.
  • Take your hair mask is ready.

right time to swim

One should never swim in the hot sun during the summer season. Strong sunlight is harmful for the skin as well as the hair. This damages the hair. You can do swimming in the evening after office or before sunrise. Evening time is considered best for swimming.

After swimming, a bath must be taken for the care of hair and skin. Hope you liked this article of ours. To read more such articles, please tell us by commenting and stay connected with our website Harzindagi.

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