Hacks: How to hide freckles, dark circles

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These concealer hacks can help you hide freckles, dark circles.

# moisturize

Clean the face thoroughly and apply moisturizer near the eye area.

# step 1

Apply orange concealer on the eye area and areas with pigmentation.

# Step 2

Apply green color corrector to the acne scars on the face. Smooth it out by patting the concealer on with a face sponge.

# Step 3

Apply a concealer that matches your skin tone under the eyes, on the cheeks and chin. Smooth it out with a sponge.

# Step 4

To set the concealer, apply loose powder in the brush and apply it on the face.

# dark shade concealer

Prepare the skin well. Take a concealer brush of dark color from your skin tone and apply it on the freckles.

#same skin tone concealer

Apply the same skin tone concealer and blend it well with a brush. Then remove the patch by patting it with a sponge.

# step 1

Apply loose powder on the face with a brush. Then see the beauty of your face.

# Step 2

Mix matte orange eyeshadow into the concealer. Now apply it on the pigmentation areas.

# Step 3

Apply the concealer with the same skin tone on the blemishes of the face and blend it with a brush.

# Lipstick Concealer Step 1

Now leave this face pack on the face for 20 minutes and then you can wash your face with normal water.

# Step 2

Apply a concealer matching the skin over it. Blend the concealer with a little spray on the sponge. Apply a compact in a brush and apply it evenly on the face.

# Concealer Matching Skin Tone

Moisturize the face. Apply concealer and blend with a brush. Make an even by applying a compact with a brush.