Grandmother and grandmother used to say right…for these 5 reasons, mangoes should be soaked in water before eating

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Summer means the season of mango, the king of fruits. Sweet and juicy mangoes are very tasty to eat. Children, elders and elders like mangoes very much.

However, eating mango is a bit difficult task. Hands and mouth are definitely dirty in eating its pulp, juice and kernels, but mango lovers are not bothered about it. They just have to eat mangoes to their fullest.

if you want by sucking or chopping mango Can eat too. But do you know what is the right way to eat mango.

You must have often heard elders saying that before eating mangoes, soak them in water for 1-2 hours. Now the question arises that why is it called so and what is the reason behind eating soaked mango?

We are going to tell you 5 reasons, by which you will know that before eating Why should mangoes be soaked in water?,

1. Eating mango raises the body temperature, due to which thermogenics are produced. Soaking mango in water for a while will help in reducing this quality. Due to increased production of thermogenics, it can cause problems like acne, constipation, headache.

2. Many people start having pimples, acne or other skin problems by eating mangoes. Apart from this, one has to deal with constipation, headache or other physical problems related to the stomach. In such a situation, soaking it in water for some time can get rid of its hot effect.

3. Phytic acid is a type of nutrition, which can be both good and bad for the body. It is considered an anti-nutrient, which prevents the body from absorbing iron, zinc, calcium and other minerals, due to which there is a mineral deficiency in the body. Mango also contains natural molecule ie phytic acid. Phytic acid generates heat in the body, so it is released by keeping it in water for some time.

4. Apart from this, it can also help in burning fat. In fact, the phytochemicals in mango are strong, so when we keep it to soak up water, its concentration decreases and they act as natural fat busters.

5. in mango trees Harmful pesticides and insecticides are used. It is like a poison for the body and its consumption can cause allergies, skin irritation or other serious problems. So dip it in water and leave it for some time and then eat it.