Graham Porter on the run for 12 years finally arrested

A man often cited as Australia’s most wanted man has finally been arrested near Ravenshoe in far north Queensland.

After more than a decade of evading the law, Australia’s most wanted man, Graham Porter, was arrested today by police. The infamous fugitive fled in February 2010 after missing a trial on charges of conspiracy to murder. On Tuesday, 64-year-old Graham Potter is due to be tried in court.

He is charged with conspiring to murder two individuals at the wedding of the son of Melbourne Underworld veteran Mick Gatto. He was also wanted by the federal government for drug trafficking. Porter is charged with avoiding arrest for nearly a decade by changing his appearance and identity, including wearing a fat suit and wig and befriending an old lady for shelter.

In 2011, Queensland Police obtained information on a possible sighting of Graham in Tully, about 50 kilometers from the arrest site on Monday. Despite pulling the car to a routine stop, he managed to escape from the authorities. Authorities now say they have found a campsite known to have been used by Potter, where he found a note and a knife explaining his plans to remain secret and kill anyone who recognizes him.

Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Mick Frewen said in a statement to the press that “we will certainly end the long and lengthy pursuit of a high-class fugitive who is wanted for very serious crimes.” He also believes that Victoria Police are convinced of the evidence against Potter and the robbery of the case.

But this isn’t the first time Porter has broken the law in his life. Porter was previously sentenced to 15 years in prison for the 1981 murder and amputation of 19-year-old Kim Barry.

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