Gloria Aiken Texas woman kills and mutilates her husband

A Texas woman murdered and mutilated her husband. Before meeting Fraser, she separated from her ex-husband, who had her two children. Gloria was a unique person. She made people ridiculously funny with the odds at her disposal.

In 1998, Frazier and Gloria Aiken started dating. While Aiken worked at the post office, Frazier took care of the two girls as if they were his own.
Frazier and Aiken left the big city after seven years of dating for a small town. They and their young daughter moved to Ennis, Texas, just south of Dallas. Fraser enjoyed a slow life there. Aiken worked on a temporary basis at Hutchins State Jail, managing household chores. In her spare time, she took classes at a nearby community college to pursue her career in medicine.
On February 18, 2008, everything changed. Aiken called 911 and reported that Fraser was missing. She said she hadn’t seen him since the night before and that he was missing.
Ennis Police CID Lieutenant Mike Hopson reported. “She said he went to see her friend and she didn’t come back,” she said.
Police have launched an investigation into the missing person. Investigators spoke to Aiken, who claimed that Frazier had left his wallet. When she tried to use the phone, she said his phone was broken. There will be no trace of Fraser for a week. Detectives also asked Aiken if he had any enemies.
“Gloria told investigators that she may have owed money to some people, such as a Hispanic man who may have been involved in the Mexican mafia,” prosecutor Lindy Beatty told the source.
The detectives saw Gloria Aiken talking about Fraser in the past tense as if he had already died while talking to him.

Former Ellis County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Kevin Ketchum explained, “When a reporting party has already referred to a victim in the past tense, this will certainly cause concern and cast a red flag in the investigation.”
Gloria Aiken agreed to search the house and vehicle. According to them, investigators found no evidence of misconduct, but she was already clearing Fraser’s belongings.

“Go upstairs and there’s this big closet full of garbage bags,” Hopson said. “… [She stated ] ‘Oh, those are George’s clothes.’ She said she couldn’t stand seeing them.”
Then, in March 2008, a couple jogging along the shores of Lake Bardwell in Ellis County, Texas, began investigating from a new angle. On March 1, 2008, they found a man’s limb partially wrapped in a plastic bag.

“The wound itself looked like it had been cut with some sort of saw or bladed tool. It wasn’t a rough cut like an animal attack or accidental amputation. It was a completely straight cut,” Ketchum said.
The Ellis County Sheriff’s Office found George Fraser after investigating a local missing person report. DNA samples were taken and compared to amputated limbs. Fraser’s head was later identified through dental records.

On March 3, 2008, Gloria Aiken consented to a polygraph test and was interviewed. She claimed nothing to do with Fraser’s death, but her polygraph revealed that she was lying.
Investigators also found baseball bats with bloodstains and hairpieces on them.
The minimal amount of blood suggested that Fraser had been cut elsewhere. But they believed he was murdered at home.
They investigated the neighborhood for the complex relationship between Frazier and Aiken.

Frazier suspected Gloria Aiken was having an affair, which the detectives later confirmed. According to the investigation, Ken Ai also paid most of her household expenses. Frazier made only a small financial contribution, but she had $250,000 in life insurance in his name.
A DNA test eventually confirmed that the bloodstains found throughout the house were his.
On May 13, 2014, Aiken was arrested for the murder of George Frazier. She was arrested at her home in Colombia, South Carolina.
Gloria Priscilla Aiken pleaded guilty to manslaughter in May 2017 and was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

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