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George Altidor Wiki:– George Altidor is the only family member remaining alive in the family’s murder incident in 1997. George Altidor was at his work when Marie Altidor’s wife called repeatedly and, due to his hectic schedule the call was not answered.

In this article, you will find all the information about George Altidor’s Parents. Who are George Altidor Parents? What is the George Altidor Ethnicity?

Is George Altidor still alive??

George Altidor is the only person who’s still alive from the family’s murder case which took place in 1997. In this case his wife and teenage daughter were brutally killed. The Cold Justice, Oxygen crime series was shown on the actual incident. George Altidor is still alive of the murder that took place at his residence in Florida in 1997. George Altidor currently lives in the Oklahoma metropolis city. After 20 years of murder, the murderer is now free.

George Altidor’s Parents (Father and Mother) Siblings, Parents

George Altidorwas born in the United States to his parents. The names of his parents aren’t yet mentioned on social media platforms and their occupation isn’t listed yet.

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If he has a siblings, including a brother and sister. siblings, there isn’t any information about them.


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George Altidor Ethnicity, Nationality

The ethnicity of George Altidor isn’t specified. George Altidor holds American Nationality.

George Altidor Wiki, Biography

George Altidor took birth in the United States, America. He never revealed his age or birth date. His personal details are kept secret.

He attended school at a Private High School and did his graduate degree at an institution that is private. Additionally, the information isn’t available on the internet.

George Altidor Age, Biography

George Altidor’s age has not been revealed as of yet. His zodiac sign is which isn’t revealed. His faith is Christianity

George Altidor Wife

George Altidor’s status as a married man is that of a married. He married Marie Altidor. Marie Altidor was killed in a murder. She was 29 in the year of her death. She resided in Theresia Laverne in Miramar with her mother.

George Altidor and Marie Altidor were parents of two daughters. Their daughter was also murdered in 1997. the same year at their home in Florida.

George Altidor Height, Weight

George Altidor’s weight and height aren’t disclosed as of yet.

George Altidor Career

George Altidor is well known as an American citizen, but is just one member of his family alive after the murder in 1997. He was at work when the incident occurred. He was with his partner Marie Altidor rang him many times, but the time he was unable to call her. He didn’t disclose his job or career background. He is currently residing within Oklahoma City.

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George Altidor Net Worth

George Altidor’s net worth has not disclosed yet.

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FAQ About George Altidor

Q.1 What is the name of George Altidor?

Ans. George Altidor is an American citizen, but is the only part of his family still alive in 1997, following the murder.

Q.2 Which is George’s wife?

Ans. George Altidor’s wife’s title was Marie Altidor. She was killed in a 1997 murder. She was 29 when she died. death.

Q.3 Is George Altidor’s daughter?

Ans. George Altidor was the father of two teenage daughters. His daughter was also murdered in 1997 along with the mom Marie Altidor in their own home in Florida.

Q.4 Where are George Altidor’s Life?

Ans. George Altidor currently lives in Oklahoma City.

Q.5 What is George Altidor’s Nationality?

Ans. George Altidor has the American Nationality.