GB WhatsApp APK Download v18.50 [*Latest] How to download GB WhatsApp?

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1GB WhatsApp APK Download In our digital world the internet is everywhere and the majority of internet users utilize WhatsApp as a way to communicate with peers and friends extremely. In addition, WhatsApp messenger is thought to be the most effective option to chat with anyone in the world. Some people would like to have more features available in WhatsApp and if you’re one of them then I’m with you. 1GB WhatsApp APK could be a suitable alternative. Since you’ll experience more features with it than WhatsApp and also all the features are more enjoyable You will surely enjoy a lot playing with this application.

If you’d like to add additional features in the WhatsApp, you can get it in the Official WhatsApp application, they receive very little in the official WhatsApp which is that you can send up to 30 images at a time or no video longer than 30 seconds long can be posted to status. can. If you do not like the restrictions, make GB WhatsApp is an application. You will be able many great features, which we’ll discuss in depth in the following paragraphs. Alongside this, you’ll also find similar features that relate to privacy which you’ll appreciate greatly.

What is GB WhatsApp APK? and – About the latest version of GB WhatsApp v18.50

Google WhatsApp It is just one mod APK from the first WhatsApp application. This is created by changing the original WhatsApp and the GB WhatsApp includes many more features than WhatsApp and it is possible to use all functions of WhatsApp without limitations.

App NameGBWhatsApp APK
Android Version4.3 and Above
Total Downloads6,000,000+
App size44.3 MB
Root RequiredNot Root Required
Main PurposeModification of WhatsApp with Extra Features
Last Updated4th December 2021

How can I install APK GB WhatsApp APK? GB WhatsApp Download kaise kare

There’s no GB WhatsApp in your phone’s play store or playstore for download you need to download it with the assistance from the link below on our site. You must click on the link below and then hit the button below, GB WhatsApp will begin download. Download GB WhatsApp APK v18.50 the latest version

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Friends who are on have on GB friends you GB After you download the app This application will need to be installed on your phone, which is why when you install the app on your phone first time through an internet site,


You will then have the option of enabling unknown sources. For you to do this, navigate to the settings on your mobiledevice, and then select the security option. then you’ll need to allow unknown sources.

Then you can download the after that you can easily download the GB WhatsApp then you can download the application. After that, you will be able install it on your phone and then utilize it.

GB WhatsApp APK How to use

Friends, if you are using an official WhatsApp application and you have have GB WhatsApp There is no issue with using the app.

Your first first WhatsApp you need to sign up in WhatsApp using an account number that is linked to your phone.

If you’re interested in knowing how to set up an account on it, you should follow these instructions below.

  1. In the beginning, you have to sign up for an account to use the GB WhatsApp app. The application must be open.
  2. When you start this application it will only show one screen appear before you.
  3. You must click the button of accepting and continuing,
  4. Then you’ll receive this via your mobile number. that you GB-Chat. You must create your account within the application. be aware – when you have GB WhatsAppIf you sign up for an account with the app using the number that is associated with the account on the official WhatsApp application, the account you created will become locked out of the official WhatsApp application. Therefore, if you have another number, you are able to make use of it as a.
  5. After entering the number of your phone, an otp will be transmitted to confirm the mobile number and you must verify the otp.
  6. After your mobile number has been authenticated, your profile info will be displayed before you. You will be able to add your name and picture there. After you must hit the next button that is listed below.

How to Download GB WhatsApp in Computer and Laptop,

Certain people have more laptops and computers than mobile devices, and would like to utilize the the GB WhatsApp application on their laptop and laptop, tell them that they can do this with ease using the aid of emulator. You will need to use an emulators. Computers and laptops are not able to install any apk files.

Apk files can be installed only mobile phones. Therefore, if you are looking to install an apk file on your laptop or computer, you must make use of an emulator for this.

It is easy to run the installer onto your PC and laptop using Google.

If you are also experiencing issues while installation of the emulator to resolve this issue, you must disable the antivirus on your laptop for a short period of time. Then, the emulator will be installed on your laptop and your personal computer.

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With this emulator, you’ll be able to run every kind of Android application on your laptop or PC very effortlessly, and you won’t face any issue whatsoever.

The first step is to require a reliable emulator. You will find a lot of emulators available on the internet at present day and age, which are very easy to use on any kind of computer or laptop. Whatever emulator you prefer download it to your laptop or computer and then install it.

After installing the emulator on your laptop or computer You must start it up. When you start your emulator, you will see a display will be displayed before you. You will be able to see several options. You’ll also have the option of browsers, where you can utilize Google Chrome and any other browser. You must download WhatsApp GB on your PC using this browser.

Once you have downloaded the software, you’ll have to install it and then you’ll have to create an account for it. This is as per the above procedure. As we’ve explained earlier, the method by which the account is set up. It is necessary to set up your account using the identical steps.

Features of GB WhatsApp APK

Friends It is a mod application for WhatsApp. It’s not the Official WhatsApp application, so it offers plenty of fun as well as innovative features when compared with Official WhatsApp, which you will enjoy a lot So let’s talk about these features.

GB WhatsApp Feature #1: Show blue tick after replay

This is an amazing aspect that is part of GB WhatsApp. Since we’re often not able to replay other people’s massages because we are at work.

This is why the people who sent the message usually are angry with us. However, with this feature, we’ll look up the message, however a the blue tick will only be shown to the person who sent the message only if we respond to the message, so that nobody will be unhappy with us.

The GB WhatsApp Features #2 You can alter the font

With the aid by GB WhatsApp, you can alter the font on your WhatsApp. You will see excellent fonts.

GB WhatsApp Feature #3: Delete Messages can see

We often experience that someone writes us an email. However, the person who sent it also deletes that message. We would like to know what he did.

In the end, what message did the person in front left for us. However, with the aid from GB WhatsApp, you can quickly read messages that have been deleted.

The GB WhatsApp Option #4: No need to save the number in order to send messages

The feature in GB WhatsApp is quite great. Because every time we wish to send messages to someone using official WhatsApp the requirement is to save their mobile number to send the message. But that is not the case with GB WhatsApp, you can send messages to anyone, without saving mobile numbers.

GB WhatsApp Feature #5: Change WhatsApp Theme

In the GB version of WhatsApp You also get to enjoy the feature that lets you change the theme of WhatsApp depending on your preferences. This is something you are not able to view on the original WhatsApp. In this , we also see a lot of interesting themes.

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The GB WhatsApp 6. Feature Show the blue tick hidden in GB WhatsApp

With this feature, you’ll be able to block the blue tick that appears when you open an email in WhatsApp. This way, the person you are reading it from won’t know if you’ve read his text or not.

GB WhatsApp Feature #7: Hide the status of your online account

You can also conceal your online status using GB WhatsApp. This means that if you’re online. The person who is in the front of you will not be aware that you are online. However, he may always be able to find you offline.

AGB WhatsApp 8th Feature: Massage scheduler can

Also, you have the option to schedule massages within GB WhatsApp. With this feature, you can program any massage. Any time, the message will be delivered to the front of the line at the same time as the scheduled.

Does it have the safety to be used the GB WhatsApp,

So , let’s say that friends you are aware of how WhatsApp is a GB WhatsApp is a risk to use it could be for us. I would not suggest even a single time, to utilize the GB WhatsApp. You shouldn’t compromise your privacy to get an additional feature. If your privacy isn’t that important to you, then utilize this kind of software extremely well.

The extras that you receive with this application The extras you get in this application You can take advantage of these features. However, you must protect your privacy. Therefore, you should stay clear from these types of apps when it comes to this kind of application, lots of your information pertaining to your privacy are stored on a third party server which could pose a serious security risk in the protection of your privacy.

So, I’d suggest to you to be wary of this kind of application as long as you can, since with this type of application , there is a risk to your privacy as well as your information. If you can you should visit the official website offered by WhatsApp. Make use of the WhatsApp app only.

How to Download and Update GB WhatsApp APK? [Video]

Should we make use of GB WhatsApp or not?

If you’re not content with the default WhatsApp and would like to have more privacy features , you can try GB WhatsApp. Additionally, prior to making use of GB WhatsApp, it is important to be aware that it uses more data, and is somewhat less efficient than WhatsApp.

Does the GB WhatsApp as well as WhatsApp are the exact same business?

No the GB version of WhatsApp is the modified version of official WhatsApp.

What is the size of 1 GB of WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is about 50 MB.

GB WhatsApp APK Free Download

In our article of today we have explained to you what you can do with can download GB WhatsApp Download What is the way it’s utilized? In addition, we also gave you details regarding how secure this app can be for you. We hope that you will appreciate this info provided by us If you enjoy this article, please forward it to your acquaintances, and thank you.