Funny jokes: Guests have come to a miser’s house.

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In today’s present era, every person is busy in the work of his life, due to which people are not able to live their life openly, but we all know how important it is to be happy in our life and well Doctors also give the same advice for health, we all should always be happy in our life and today we have brought some very funny jokes to make you laugh, which you must read once and spend some time laughing too. What’s the delay, let’s start this process of laughing and laughing

Teacher- Pintu can you tell how life comes out?
Pintu- Sir…Jaan comes out of the window..
Teacher – I didn’t understand the meaning, tell me properly…!!
Pintu- Sir yesterday a girl in the neighborhood was speaking to her boyfriend…
“Looks like Papa has come, dear you go out the window”

A man went to buy chicken and asked the shopkeeper
Said, “Brother, give one kilo of chicken”
Then the rooster said….
“Brother, I am open only when I am cut, somewhere around 500-1000 rounds
let me die”

Once Pappu was going to the forest.
Suddenly seeing the bear lay down on the ground holding his breath…
Seeing this the bear came and said in his ear, ” Brother-in-law is not hungry,
Otherwise, I have also heard the story in my childhood.

Neighbor: Sister, the new necklace is very nice, how much did it cost?
2nd woman: Not much, two days of fighting, one day’s hunger strike,
2 days of silence and just a little weeping
Neighbor: Now she gets angry with her husband

A master was teaching in a school in Pakistan.
Master ji said – tell me son why there is such a shortage of water in our Pakistan?
Jumman- Masterji, Abbu explains that there used to be only one hand pump in our country,
Which was uprooted by Tara Singh who came from India.
Since then there is a big shortage of water.

The husband went to his wife in a very romantic mood and
Said- Lord is seen in you, man what should I do…
Wife – what to do, bow your head everyday
Give the tax 2000 note.

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brother-in-law and brother-in-law were talking among themselves
Brother-in-law- brother-in-law, I don’t want to marry
I’m scared of all women!
Brother-in-law- Hey brother-in-law, get married! Then only one woman will be afraid,
everything else will be fine

Wife saw a board Banarasi Saree 10/- Nylon 8/- Cotton 5/-
Wife should be happy with her husband-
Give me Rs..500, I will buy 50 sarees.
Husband – Ari O Birbal’s mother, she is the shop of the press

Husband (from wife) – What kind of photo have you taken, the dog has come behind…?
I had to put it on Facebook…!
Wife- (Taking a sip of tea)- Yes, what happened in that?
Write that I am next…!

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Teacher – Put this idiom in sentence
Tell by using – “water coming in the mouth” ….
Student- As soon as I turned on the tap by putting my mouth on the tap-
“I got water in my mouth…”.
teacher , get out