From reporting in marriage to wiping your mouth with bread, these viral videos will make you laugh

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In this era of social media, nowadays anything becomes viral, seeing which a person can catch his head.

If you ever sit down to scroll through social media, you will get to see many strange videos. Some of these videos make you laugh, while some of these videos leave you surprised. Some videos are so strange, seeing that the only question that comes to mind is ‘Who are these people, where do they come from’.

In today’s article, we will show you a glimpse of some such viral videos, seeing which you will not be able to stop your laughter. So what’s the delay, let’s see these videos-

Uncle made bread with handkerchief-

In weddings, people often see you doing strange things. This video is also from the wedding party, which you will be stunned to see. In this viral video, an elderly person is having food. There are many people around him, whose focus is only on eating. The elders pick up a roti after having a meal and start cleaning their mouth with it. Seeing the manner in which uncle has made his face, it seems that tissue papers are of no use. Let us tell you that this video has been shared by ‘sensen4947’, which people are enjoying a lot.

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Didi asked the price of watermelon in this way-

bizarre acts that went viral on social media

Social media user Seema Kanojia is known for her funny videos. You will find many of his videos on Instagram, let us tell you that nowadays one of his videos is becoming very viral. In the video, Seema is seen asking the price of watermelon in a very strange way. You can’t stop laughing after watching this video. In the video, Seema is standing near a fruit cart and holding a piece of watermelon in her hand. The woman is seen rubbing watermelon on her face, singing a song and asking for the price. After watching this video, you will be thinking that who asks for the price of such fruit.

Journalist working in his own marriage

Holidays are hard to come by in the life of a journalist. But imagine if you had to work even on the day of your wedding, what could be more painful than that. This viral video is of a Pakistani journalist, who was seen reporting during the marriage. In the video you can see that the journalist groom is seen questioning his wife and family members at the wedding with a mike in hand. This video of the groom went viral very fast from social media. Let us tell you that this video is from the year 2018, which is enjoyed a lot even today.

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Women worshiping dustbin

bizarre acts viral on social media

In this way, dustbins are used to throw garbage. But worship is being done in this video. This strange video is believed to be from Bihar, where women are seen worshiping dustbins. In this video, a kangaroo-shaped dustbin is seen, in which women go and offer water. After this flowers are offered on the dustbin. Seeing this video of dustbin worship, as strange as it sounds, it makes many more laughs.

So these were some viral videos that will make you think that nothing can happen in the world. If you liked this article of ours, then like and share it, as well as stay connected with every life for such information.

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