Free Fire is a game from which country? , Free Fire Kiss Desh Ka Game Hai

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Free Fire is a game from which country? (Free Fire Kiss Desh Ka Game Hai): Nowadays, most of the internet and smartphones are used. Along with this, the trend of games in mobile phones is also increasing. Playing games is not a new thing for people, playing this game has been going on for a long time, but the Battle Royale game like Free Fire is a new game in India, which is being played the most in India. Is.

Be it a child or a grown up, everyone is seen playing the free fire game. It is said that this game is no less than any kind of addiction, because when someone gets addicted to this game, then after a lot of effort, this addiction can be got rid of. This is a game due to which many people have ended their life.

In this article we are going to tell you that Free Fire is a game from which country? (Free Fire Kiss Desh Ka Game Hai)And Free Fire Kya Hai We are going to give all kinds of information about.

Free Fire is a game from which country? (Free Fire Kiss Desh Ka Game Hai)

Did you know that Which country’s game is Free Fire? (Free Fire Kis Desh Ka Game Hai) If not, then let us tell you, Free Fire game is a game made by 111dots studio, but the work of publishing it is done by Google Play Store and App and the work of publishing it has been entrusted to the company. . It is an online game maker, and The headquarter of this company is in Singaporetherefore we can say that Free Fire also happened to be the game of the country of Singapore.

Despite this, there are often confusions about the Free Fire game, because people think that it is a Chinese game, but this is absolutely untrue. This is Forrest Li, CEO of Grain Free FireAlthough he was born in China, but after that he came to Singapore and is now a citizen of Singapore.

There are many such rich people found in China, who leave their country and go to another good country, and then stay in that country for a few years and get citizenship. For most of the entrepreneurs, a place like America or Singapore is known to be the best place to do business.

Free Fire Ka Malik Koun hai

The owner of Free Fire Mobile Battle Royale game is named Forrest Lee. With this, the owner of Free Fire game is C Limited Company. With this, this company comes under Grain Company. Its headquarter is located in Singapore. Free Fire is a game that is played by not only thousands but millions of users. Apart from Free Fire, many other types of games have been made by C Limited Company. C Limited is a company that does many types of work in many fields as a digital entertainment company.

In October 2017, C Limited Private Company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, after which this company has now become a public company, which means that any person can buy shares of the company through the stock market. For this reason, Forbes has included the name of Paras Chilli in the top 50 people of Singapore.

How to get Diamonds in Free Fire? (Free Fire Me Diomand Kaise le)

if you Collecting Diamonds in Free Fire If you want, then you may have to work a little hard for this, because in Free Fire diamonds are not available for free, for this only hard work has to be done. For this you can adopt 5+ best free fire diamond trick, using this app you can get diamond in very easy way.

Diamond in Free Fire To get started, you may have to use apps like Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, Google Translate, Amazon and Tournament. These apps are given the option to refer you. All you have to do is refer your friend circle and through that you get money. On the other hand, if you are a pro player, you can earn money by playing tournaments as well. This proves to be the best option for pro players. Apart from this, you can also use any other option to get free diamonds.

Free fire game is made by which company? (Free Fire Game Ko Kounsi Company Ke Dwara Banaya Gya hai)

Free Fire game is produced by a 111dots studio company. After this the responsibility of publishing it and the responsibility of maintaining it was given to the Grain Company. 111dots studio Made the first beta version of the game, after which the game came completely under the Grain company.

Forrest Lee, CEO of Free Fire And Garina is also the founder of the company, at present his age is about 41 years. Before Lee started his company, he also worked in Motorola company. Along with this, Forrest Lee also completed his MBA from Stanford University in America.

When did free fire game launch? (Free Fire Game Kab Launch Hua)

On 30 September 2017, the Free Fire game was officially launched on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, while its beta version had already arrived, which could only be played by downloading the APK. When this game was to be published by Grain Company, then they published this game on App Store and Playstore.

How many people play Free Fire game? (Free Fire Game Ko Kitne Log Khelte Hai)

At this time if we talk about Free Fire, then it is a very famous game, which is played all over the world. According to a report, 80 million active users of Free Fire were found in 2020. If you want to know it in Indian way, then it means there are 10 lakhs in a million, according to this, there were at least 800 million users of Free Fire.

Key facts about Forrest Lee

  • Forrest Li was born in China, that’s why he was named according to his country, that’s why the Chinese name of Forrest Li is Xiaodong.
  • Forrest Lee named his English name after watching the movie Forrest Gump.
  • Forrest Lee is one such person in the whole world, who is a billionaire in the field of gaming.
  • His wife was the biggest contributor to the start of the Grain Company in Singapore.
  • Forrest Lee was most influenced by Apple founder Steve Jobs in his life, he also attended Steve Jobs’ speech during college.

Which country is the Free Fire game from?

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FAQ’s Related To Free Fire Game

Free Fire is a game from which country? (Free Fire Kiss Desh Ka Game Hai)

Free Fire is a Singapore country game.

Who owns the free fire game?

The Free Fire game is owned by the 111 Dot Studios company, which it later handed over to Forrest Lee to oversee it.

Forrest Lee is a citizen of which country?

Although Forrest Lee is a citizen of China, but he has the citizenship of Singapore, that is why he is now a citizen of Singapore.

How to download free fire game?

You can download Free Fire game from Google Play Store.

How many downloaders does free fire game have?

This game has over 100 million downloaders.


Free Fire game has become very popular in today’s time all over the country. In today’s time, there are millions of users of the Free Fire game. That’s why it is considered to be the most popular game in the country. Through this article, we have told you that Free Fire is the game of which country (Free Fire Kis Desh Ka Game Hai) , Who is the owner of Free Fire Game? (Free Fire Game Ka Malik Koun Hai) and all type of information is given about Free Fire. Hope you liked this article.