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Fomo Momo Success Story: The story of bringing the taste of Delhi to New Jersey

Fomo Momo Success Story-In the year 2023, a new food truck “Fomo Momo” arrives on the crowded streets of New Jersey, sparking a revolution in the world of food and drink. This truck was built by two technology enthusiasts named Ankita Nagpal and Impreet Singh, who had a passion for cooking. Fomo Momo is not just a food truck, but a story of passion, dedication and momos.

Founders’ Journey

Founders' Journey

Growing up in Delhi, Ankita’s childhood was surrounded by the colorful world of street food. The smell of spices and the aroma of fried things was mixed in the smell of the streets. She was particularly fond of South Asian dumplings called momo, which were served with hot hot sauce. These delicious golgappas have become an important part of Indian street food today.

Impreet, who lives in America, was also very fond of food. His childhood memories included the fragrance of home and the taste of his mother’s hands. Ankita met at a social event in New Jersey and both of them discovered that they too were very fond of these delicious dumplings. This meeting was the beginning of my entry into the world of food entrepreneurship.

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Smorgasburg: first milestone

Their journey took a big turn in 2021 at the Smorgasburg Food Festival in Jersey City. There is a gathering of all types of food items and different types of people here. At some places the smell of sweet sweets was coming, at other places the smell of spicy food. Ankita and Impreet set up their momos shop in this colorful environment.

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When the first customers got to taste their onion and green chilli stuffed momos, they were left with smiles on their faces. Everyone praised these momos. This place became the true testing ground for Ankita and Impreet. His food received excellent response from people, which inspired him to move forward.

flight of fomo momo

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After the success of Smorgasburg, Ankita and Impreet decided to start their own food truck with the dream of bringing the real taste of Delhi’s momos to American shores. But for this many challenges had to be faced.

First of all, he had to start from scratch. He started a small kitchen and then shifted to a place with better facilities. After this he started looking for a place for his truck. After being rejected from several places, he finally got a permit.

Then the recipe for making momo had to be perfected. With an emphasis on quality and authenticity, he toiled for eight months to make each momo perfect. In this he got a lot of help from his mother and grandmother.

Eventually his food truck hit the streets. The beginning was slow but later things started improving. They built a loyal customer base by giving away free samples. Now their queue had started forming.

Support variety of tastes

The core philosophy of Fomo Momo is to celebrate the diversity of Indian food. The founders don’t just want to sell food, but also want to introduce customers to the priceless flavors of Indian food, especially through their special momos.

In their menu they included a variety of momos – veg momos filled with onions and green chillies, paneer momos, chicken momos and beef momos. Apart from these, there were many types of items like samosas, chole bhature, pav bhaji etc. Everything had its own distinct taste and smell.

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