Follow these tricks to reduce back pain while driving

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If you are driving for a long time, then these tricks can be adopted to reduce back pain during that time.

When it comes to going out somewhere, most people prefer to go by driving on their own. It can certainly be a more comfortable option, but driving for long periods of time can also be a bit irritating and can cause body aches, especially back pain. Hence, it is seen that driving is a tiring task for anyone.

Maybe you often have this problem while driving for a long time. But now you don’t have to worry. Actually, there are some easy ways, with the help of which you can reduce this pain to a great extent. You just need to make some minor changes in the way you drive. So today in this article, we are telling you about some such easy ways, which will definitely be of great use to you while driving-

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Keep the correct distance from the steering wheel

Usually it is seen that some people while sitting on their seat, lean forward slightly, due to which the correct gap is not formed between the wheel and their hands. At the same time, due to this, they do not have the right body posture while driving and then there is a pain in the back. Therefore, first put your hands on the wheel. If your arms are fully extended and locked, it means that you are sitting too far. This will put stress on your spine, neck, shoulders and wrists. At the same time, if the elbows make an angle of less than 60 degrees, you are sitting too close. Move your seat back and forth until you find a comfortable position. Remember that for the airbag to work, there must be a distance of at least 25-30 cm between you and the steering wheel.

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Driving Back Pain

Do not tilt the seat back too far

Some people tilt the driving seat too far back to get more comfort. But by doing so they only cause problems. If you’re not driving in the car, you can move it as far back as you’re comfortable with. But starting from a completely straight 90° position while driving, it is recommended that you go back no more than 10 to 20 degrees. This tilt will help relieve pressure on the discs in the lower back.

Adjust seat height

You should also adjust your height to avoid pain and be comfortable while driving. For this, first of all, keep your seat at the lowest position. Now slowly start raising the seat. Stop when the front edge of the seat touches the back of your thighs. Make sure your knees are not touching the bottom of the seat. Also, do not lift the seat too high, as it will obstruct blood circulation (tips to increase blood circulation). On the other hand, if the seat is too low, your legs and lower back will have to support your entire body, which can put pressure on the joints and cause pain.

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