Feyenoord Great Wim Jansen Cause of Death, Died at 75

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Dutch professional football player Wim Jansen has been reported to have died. The news was shared by the Eredivisie Club on Tuesday, January 25th. The club made a statement stating that they announced the death of the club’s icon, Wim Jansen, with great sadness. The club addressed the player as one of the greatest players ever for Feyenoord. It was stated that Jansen served as a young assistant, head coach, consultant, coach and young player at the club. The most important part of the Feyenoord team was undoubtedly Wim Jansen.

As the news came to light, all the fans began to commemorate him sincerely. In the midst of this, fans also seem to be investigating the cause of Wim Jansen’s death. However, it has not been announced yet. It seems that there is no source to clarify what happened to the Dutch player who passed away in such a short time. Speaking of Wim Jansen, he was born on October 28, 1946 in the Netherlands. In addition to playing football, he also worked as a coach. Jansen has spent most of his career playing for Feyenoord, a professional football club.

The player was also honored with the European Cup he received in 1970. Wim Jansen has won nearly 65 international trophies during his sports career with the Dutch national team. With his participation and impressive performance, the team even reached the FIFA World Cup finals in 1974 and 1978 respectively. At that time, Jansen took on different roles on the team and won back-to-back KNVB Cups during his seasons as manager in the 1990s.

He even managed to win the Scottish Premier League held at Celtic in 1997-98. Between 1965 and 1980, Jansen spent most of his sports career at Feyenoord. At the football club in question, the player won four league titles, including the European Cup in 1970 and the Dutch Cup in 1974. defeated rival team Tottenham Hotspur by an impressive 4-2 score.

Wim won his first international trophy for the Netherlands on 4 October 1967. This great player is now reportedly dead. While many sources do not clarify the cause of death, it is prominent that Jansen died on January 25 from health complications he was facing from dementia. He was 75 years old at the time of his unfortunate death. We pray for his family and friends.