Fans criticize HYBE for neglecting wheelchair-bound concert-goers at upcoming SEVENTEEN concert

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Once again, fans turned their anger towards HYBE. SEVENTEEN, an idol group, announced their live performance titled BE THE SUN. On June 25 and 26, 2022, the concert will be held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul.

Unfortunately, when ticket regulations and instructions surfaced, fans discovered a lack of knowledge and care for wheelchair users.

Ticketing is a battleground for the most popular concerts, including SEVENTEEN’s. Users are only allowed one ticket per day, and fan club members are granted privileged access. For South Korean performances, it is standard procedure to designate special areas or seats for people in wheelchairs, and their guardians take an adjacent seat. Rules for wheelchair-bound fans were not provided by BE THE SUN. When asked about their procedures, the company made a comment.

Fans scold HYBE for failing to accommodate wheelchair-bound concert-goers at the next SEVENTEEN show

The agency released a statement in response to fan criticism and questions about its rules.

According to the statement, all concert goers will need to book tickets via online booking, and concert goers needing a wheelchair will be able to call customer service after making a reservation and we will replace it with a wheelchair seat. While the same criteria apply to comrades, we will make preparations to make it as convenient as possible without one. Staff will assist them during check-in and check-out. Staff will also be accessible in the concert hall so they don’t disturb them.

Wheelchair users can purchase tickets through a ticket agent

Pledis Entertainment stated that all concert-goers must use online reservations to purchase tickets, but wheelchair users can purchase wheelchairs through a ticketing agency. The guards will be entertained, but even if there isn’t one, the company noted that its employees will be on hand to assist the attendees at the music venue.

But fans believe it’s doubtful that guardians of wheelchair-bound visitors will be able to buy tickets. According to one mother, “HYBE company friends are a favorite of my wheelchair-bound daughter. It’s not like the Gocheok Dome isn’t wheelchair accessible. I’m not sure why they have to use these perfect seats in such a rush.”

While some fans are critical of the agency, others have mixed feelings about the company’s overall management.

According to one fan, Hybe turns everything upside down. “TXT concert? There is not enough space.
Seventeen shows? Fans in wheelchairs and bystanders should buy tickets or risk getting their tickets cancelled.”

To another fan, Dispatch is probing KBS’s Music Bank rigging scores for fewer movies, the lack of wheelchair options for seventeen concerts, and blatant fan outrage. Garam is currently on vacation. “Hybe needs an astrologer or something because he’s not very good with the current administration. It’s funny.”

Another person stated that the reason this is clearly linked to hybe is because svt had never had any issues with wheelchairs prior to purchasing. The fact that the problem only arises after the purchase shows how it is related to the purchasing company.

Source: SportsKeeda

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Fans criticize HYBE for neglecting wheelchair bound concert goers at upcoming SEVENTEEN Fans criticize HYBE for neglecting wheelchair-bound concert-goers at upcoming SEVENTEEN concert

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