Exclusive Interview: It was easy to explain to myself about ‘cancer’, not to children: Chhavi Mittal

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Here are some excerpts from a special conversation with TV actress Chhavi Mittal, who is fighting a battle with breast cancer like a warrior, about her special journey-

The word ‘cancer’ makes a person so stunned as if the world has ended. But it is said that ‘there is victory in front of fear’ and this fact has been proved to be true, by actress Chhavi Mittal.

Yes, actress Chhavi Mittal herself had informed a few days ago that she has been diagnosed with ‘breast cancer’, which is on stage 2. Recently Chhavi has also undergone surgery and now she is going to have a long medical treatment. But one treatment that Chhavi herself has started is to stay ‘positive’, which is also clearly visible in her words.

Although it is a challenge for anyone to stay positive in difficult times, accepting this challenge is also a challenge in itself. Chhavi has done this and now she has become an inspiration to millions. We discussed with her how Chhavi is managing everything these days and the spirit with which she is moving ahead in this journey.

Here are some excerpts from the conversation with the image-

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Where did this courage come from?

Everyone is getting inspired after seeing all the videos and posts that Chhavi has shared on her Instagram. Even difficult times can be faced with a smile, Chhavi is a living example of this. She says, ‘There are many people in the world who are fighting cancer or facing some other problem going on in life, just my point of view is different. If seen, their difficulties are big for everyone, but I believe that if you are in any trouble, then try to find its solution.

In times of trouble, Chhavi never pays attention to the fact that now life will change, rather she focuses on the solution to overcome the problem. Chhavi says, ‘When I came to know that I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I first tried to know about this disease and I came to know that it has a cure. I can do the work which is under my control, it is not my nature to bother myself by thinking about what is not in my control.

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How did you explain it to the children?

It may be easy once to explain oneself in any situation, but to explain to children one has to be a child. Actually, for a child, his parents are the heroes. He can never accept the fact that something can happen to his superhero. Something similar happened in the case of Image as well. She says, ‘After my husband, I first told about my illness to my daughter.’ What was the daughter’s first reaction after knowing that the mother is ill? Chhavi says about this, ‘Sometime back, a close relative of ours was diagnosed with cancer. My daughter knew that she could not eat anything due to cancer and then one day she said goodbye to the world. That’s why my daughter first asked me this question, have I got the same disease? She started crying when I said yes. But when I explained to him that my illness was not that serious, he was relieved. I have explained to her that just like the baby is removed from the abdomen, similarly breast surgery will be done to remove the cancer.

Chhavi Mittal Inspirational And Motivational Story

Husband’s support made courage

In difficult times, one gets the most encouragement from his partner only. Chhavi’s husband Mohit Hussain is also supporting her, it can be easily seen in the Instagram post of the image. But even Mohit is unable to hide the trouble of the image and the fear of losing him. Chhavi says about this, ‘Whoever is sick, he is pampered by all, but the condition is worse for those who are seeing their close ones in trouble. Mohit is very strong and he gives me strength too, but when I was going for the final surgery, Mohit’s eyes were moist and I can understand what was going on in his mind at that time.

message for women

India has the highest percentage of women suffering from breast cancer. But there is very little awareness among women about this disease. Chhavi says about this, ‘I had a chest injury, which was cured within two days. But while treating this injury, I came to know about breast cancer. I was surprised how I didn’t know about this. But there are many women like me who must have experienced this. But I was lucky and I came to know about this in Stage-2 itself and treatment started. There are many women who come to know at such a stage, when the risk increases more. I would say this to women that self love, self examination is very important. Give yourself time and take care of your health.

Now what do you intend to do next?

On this question, Chhavi said, ‘First is health. I will focus on what I am doing now. I don’t want to take too much stress and want to enjoy a lot. Just get rid of this disease soon, I want everything to be as before.

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