What Is Endeavor and What Does It Mean?

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What is endeavour?

The word endeavour is a common misnomer. Its literal meaning is “an attempt at achieving something through exertion”. The word is a partial translation of the Old French mettre en dever. Dever is a derivative of the Latin debere, which means to owe something to someone. The prefix de comes from the Latin dicta, which means away. This origin may explain the different uses of the word. The English spelling of the word endeavor is most commonly found in English.

The word endeavour is derived from the Old French phrase’mettre in dever’. The word dever originally meant to take something away. This phrase was translated as’making every effort to achieve a goal or achieve a duty’. It was later developed into the noun ‘enterprise’ and eventually ‘effort’. The term traces its roots to the 14th century. Its pronunciation is a combination of ‘dever’ and ‘a’, which is the modern English spelling.

Endeavour meaning

The word endeavour is derived from the Middle English verb in dever, which was originally used to mean ‘take something’. The noun form, endeavour, is a shortened form of the verb deveren. The word dever is a derivative of the Latin word debere, which means ‘owe’. As a verb, the meaning of ‘endeavour’ is to put forth one’s greatest effort.

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Endeavour definition

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