Elon Musk’s life is in danger? Said- If I died in suspicious circumstances then…

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Elon Musk, one of the most popular businessman in the world, knows how to be in the headlines. They often do many such things which cause a stir in the world. He has been entertaining his fans and followers with his sensational statements on social media.

Elon Musk has been in constant discussion ever since he bought the micro-blogging site Twitter. He also said in one of his recent tweets that he wants to buy Coca-Cola and once again mix cocaine drugs in it. Now another tweet of his is in discussion.

Musk has talked about death in suspicious circumstances in his new tweet. He wrote in his tweet that if death occurs under suspicious circumstances, then it will be known that it was nice to meet you. This tweet of Musk started trending tremendously among fans and followers.

Many users were shocked and upset by this tweet. At the same time, many users said that Musk is using the lyrics of the song nice knowing ya. Although there were many who did not take this tweet of Musk seriously and trolled him a lot.

Mr Beast, one of the world’s most famous YouTubers, even tweeted that if something happens to Musk, can he keep the Twitter platform with him? At the same time, another person wrote that you cannot die like this. Now you have to solve many problems of the world.

Significantly, SpaceX and Tesla Tesla CEO Elon Musk made a deal to buy Twitter for $ 44 billion only last month. Musk has also indicated changes in Twitter since then.

He had said that this platform will always be free for casual users, but government employees and people in prestigious positions may have to pay the price of using Twitter. Apart from this, news of the departure of Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal is also coming out because Musk has said that he does not like the current working style of Twitter.