Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar May 12, 2022 Written Episode Update: Hitesh is back with toys.

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In this episode Lakshmi consoles Rama, asks him not to get depressed, the man doesn’t know anything about education. Rama should not worry; Bhim Rao would definitely go to London. Rama wanted to know about spending and save for it.

Bhim Rao finalized the complaint. The lawyer filed a complaint; The man was asked to leave. Bhim Rao apologized to the man for not asking about his intent. The man was happy and said that those who help us in need are equal. The lawyer asked Joshi to be careful next time, lawyers are supposed to help everyone despite their financial situation.

Everyone was waiting for Hitesh to return with the money. Meanwhile, they decided to sing and dance. Daliya amma asked Ramji to sing for them.

Hitesh presented the signed papers to Sethji as needed. Sethi praised him. Hitesh asked for the promised money. Sethji said that he doesn’t carry the money with him right now, that he needs to take his bag with something to eat and toys to play with for now. Varchand asked him to take it. Hitesh asked for the money. If Sethji didn’t trust him, she asked him to take the paper bag. Hitesh trusted the man and took the bag with him. He also took the sweet bites. Hitesh is gone. Varchand and Sethji chuckled. Now that everyone had fallen into their trap, Sethji was extremely happy, he would use them as much as he wanted.

Ramji sang at Daliya’s request. Everyone had fun with it. Hitesh came with a bag. His friend came quickly, thinking he had brought a bag of money. Opened the bad, it was full of toys. Joku questioned him. Hitesh said that Sethji did not carry the money with him and gave these sweets and toys to him for free. He would bring the money tomorrow. Daliya wondered if they had been tricked by Sethji. Joku asked him not to underestimate Hitesh. Phuliya made fun of Joku. Rama leaned forward and grabbed the bells. He played in front of Hitesh, Bhim Rao questioned him. Rama said the rattle is what they have. He asked them to play with him, everyone does the same to them. Rama said that her husband talked about grabbing the books he preferred over everything. He asked Ramji not to sing to anyone, they didn’t care about his talent. Nobody here cared about what education can do to a person, how it can change his perspective and personality. Rama and Bhim Rao entered. Joku questioned Hitesh. He wanted everyone to think well. Jijabai supported them, saying that they should think well and enjoy the food prepared by everyone.

Jijabai did not care for everyone; He knew they would suffer for their mistake. BHim Rao asked him to think well for others, pray for their better. Rama was angry because they never understood Bhim Rao and his purpose but they did understand a man who came to give them a house. Ramji asked Rama not to think badly. Lakshmi took Rama to prepare dinner.
The next morning, the men came to evacuate the community. They asked everyone to leave before dusk. Hitesh said they will leave as soon as the money is given to them. The men said that Sethji had gone to Mumbai and would be back in three days. Everyone questioned, they refused to go. Bhim Rao questioned; they cannot be forced into it. Rama, Ramji, Meera and Daliya asked Bhim Rao not to get involved, it was not their business. Bhim Rao has to go to college; Ramji took him to college. Rama and Lakshmi went to work. The men said they would return at dusk. Jijabai questioned Hitesh, everyone wanted the money. Hitesh left to ask.

Bhim Rao wanted to help. Ramji was preventing him from doing that. They passed a man who asked Bhim Rao about the builder who had taken over their society. Bhim Rao questioned Ramji for not allowing him to help his people.
Ramji brought Bhim Rao to work. Ramji asked the Lawyer’s permission to enter. Barrisster gave Ramji permission but asked why he had to visit. Joshi taunts Ramji for bringing Bhim Rao. Ramji asked the Advocate to advise Bhim Rao on a particular issue. The lawyer asked more. Bhim Rao told him the details and then asked if he would help people.

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