Easy way to remove lentils insects and pebbles

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If you also want to store lentils for a long time and are afraid of getting insects in it, then definitely follow these tips.

Different types of pulses are used for food in India. Lentils are also used in daily food and at the same time this protein-rich grain is also considered good for many diseases. There are many ways to buy and store lentils, but one problem that always comes while storing it is that small grain insects get caught in the pulses. Both white and black insects eat lentils slowly and due to this, sometimes the whole lentil gets wasted.

Worms with lentils cannot be used, but we can do some things with this pulse, which will eliminate this problem.

Dal pebbles are also a big problem and it is not that easy to clean the lentils.

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Why are there insects in lentils?

Whenever grain is stored for a long time, there is a high chance of insects getting into it. Sometimes the reason for this is the eggs of insects present in the grain, which either come from being kept near an infected grain or they are already present in it which we cannot see.

Many types of products are available in the market for this purpose, but they are also bad for us. In such a situation, some such steps are followed to remove insects that do not harm the grain and do not contain too many chemicals.

1. Use whole turmeric-

Whole turmeric is easily available in the market and its smell is also very strong. If you are storing more pulses, for example 20 kg of pulses, then put 4-5 lumps of turmeric in it. This is a very safe and natural way to get rid of lentil insects. This will prove to be effective in keeping away not only black insects but also white worms.

2. Use mustard oil-

Now you must be thinking that how good mustard oil can be used to remove insects from lentils, but it is a very effective method which also protects from dampness and also from insects. Use it when less pulses are to be stored like 2-5 kg.

  • First of all, add 1 teaspoon mustard oil to 2 kg lentils and mix it well. After that dry the lentils in the sun.
  • By doing this, not only will the insects present in it go away, but the possibility of getting more insects in it will also end.

3. Use of Garlic-

You can also use garlic to protect your grains from insects. Garlic gives off a very strong smell which makes the insects run away. Put whole garlic in the grain and let it dry there. It will continue to do its job even after it dries.

You won’t need to do anything else.

4. Use bay leaves-

Bay leaves can always prove to be a very good option to remove grain insects. Always keep bay leaves in the container that you store grains. Worms will not come from this and the insects which are there will also go away. Along with this, put cloves along with bay leaves in a bundle.

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How to remove lentil pebbles?

We have cleaned the dal from insects, but it is very difficult to remove the pebbles of lentils. The biggest thing is that they cannot be removed even after washing, because the pebbles of lentils are very heavy and they settle with water. So what to do?

  • With the help of a plate, the pebbles of lentils can be removed. The way pebbles and insects can be removed selectively from rice, the same work can be done with pulses.
  • You can try spreading it on a flat surface to remove the lentils. These pebbles are large and are easily visible on flat surfaces.

You will have to wash it two or three times to remove the soil from the lentils. Keep in mind that during this time the polish of the lentils also comes out and hence the washed water starts looking muddy.

All these tips can prove to be very effective in keeping the lentils clean. If you liked this story, then do share it. Stay connected with Harzindagi to read more such stories.

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