Drink these 6 things mixed with water on an empty stomach in the morning, health will benefit a lot

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We know it is beneficial to drink water on an empty stomach in the morning, but also know what should be mixed with water.

Water is a great need of our body and if the body is not hydrated then it leads to many problems. In the summer season, the water requirement of the body increases even more when we are facing the rising temperature. In summer, the body sweats more to keep cool and after that the body needs to re-hydrate. But can water alone meet all the needs of our body? The answer is no, the deficiencies of our body cannot be fulfilled by just water.

Ayurvedic expert Dr Nikita Kohli has told about medicated water recipes on her Instagram account. These are ayurvedic herbal waters that are prepared using natural ingredients in plain water.

All those ingredients are used in such herbal water drinks which have the power to heal the body. Ayurveda includes a list of many such ingredients. So let’s know which medicated water doctor Nikita has told.

Coriander seed water

Coriander is considered rich in Vitamin-K, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-A. It can prove to be very beneficial for cooling the body. For this, you have to keep a teaspoon of coriander seeds soaked in water and then filter the same water and drink it. Let it soak for at least 5-6 hours. Apart from cooling the body, it also proves to be very helpful for kidney detox as well as reduces inflammation and irritation in the body.

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Fenugreek seed water

We all know the benefits of fenugreek seeds. Its water is also very beneficial. This can prove to be a good way to control diabetes. Fenugreek water also keeps your body away from digestion problems. It can also prove beneficial for lowering cholesterol. Fenugreek water is also beneficial for people who have phlegm and bile problems.

khus water-

There is a lot of zinc in khus and it cools the body in summers. Due to this, heat issues are reduced to a great extent and at the same time it proves to be very helpful in reducing irritation and infection in the skin and eyes. Zinc is also good for boosting our immunity and it is very important to have this mineral in the body.

Chia seeds water

Drinking chia seeds water is considered very good nowadays. Due to this, bloating is reduced to a great extent and at the same time it is considered very good for weight loss. Chia seeds help a lot in stomach related problems. For those who have problems with digestion and do not clean the stomach properly, this water can prove to be very helpful.

Water from Sabja (Basil) Seeds-

The desi version of chia seeds or rather basil seed water can also prove to be very helpful for you. Chia does all the work like seeds and at the same time it also reduces heat issues and acidity of the body.

chia seeds water benefits

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fennel water-

If someone is troubled by the problem of acidity, then drinking fennel water can prove to be very beneficial for you. It also reduces the problem of gas and at the same time, metabolism is also correct. It can also prove to be helpful in correcting the problem of loss of appetite.

Although all these ingredients are Ayurvedic and can prove to be very good for you, but still, if you have any health issue or are allergic to any kind of ingredient, then you should first talk to the doctor and then try such medicated drinks. Try it. Always consult a doctor before making any major changes to your diet.

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