Dr. What did David Spiegel say about Johnny Depp’s psychological problems?

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One expert said that Johnny Depp had the characteristics of someone who would perpetrate intimate partner violence.

Amber Heard’s team recruited Dr. Depp from Virginia to testify as an expert witness in Depp’s ongoing libel case against his ex-wife on Monday. He called David R. Spiegel. When it comes to intimate partner violence, the doctor psychiatrist repeatedly described substance abuse as “playing with fire.”

Dr. David Spiegel was brought in as expert witness by Heard’s lawyers and was later questioned by Elaine Bredehoft to support her arguments against Depp with the psychologist’s assessment of the actor. Meanwhile, Depp’s legal team raised multiple objections to Spiegel’s opinion, questioning him about the actor’s experience with the allegations.

In addition, Spiegel said that after examining the evidence, including Depp’s statements and other documents, he concluded that the actor’s behavior was consistent with someone who committed intimate partner violence during his relationship with Heard. Spiegel explained that Depp refused to be directly evaluated by him.

Dr. Who is David Spiegel?

Dr. David Spiegel is a Virginia-based psychiatrist who claims to have treated and worked with thousands of patients, about 75% of whom have drug problems. Spiegel is currently a professor at the Eastern Virginia School of Medicine (EVMS). According to his profile, he joined the institute in 2001 after ten years of private practice as a psychiatrist.

Spiegel earned his medical degree from the SUNY-Health Science Center in Brooklyn and completed his residency in psychiatry at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Hershey-Penn State. She also holds a BA in psychology from Duke University she.

Spiegel is a multi-board certified psychiatrist, including a diploma from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology/Psychiatry. He was also named Virginia Livings’ Best Physician in 2018.

Dr. What did David Spiegel say about Johnny Depp’s mental health issues?

Throughout his testimony, Spiegel hinted that the actor’s behavior during his relationship with ex-wife Amber Heard was most likely due to substance abuse. Also, Dr. David Spiegel revealed that he tried to meet and interview the Pirates of the Caribbean star twice to better assess the 58-year-old actor, but was rejected both times.

Based on a review of the evidence, clinical experience, publishing experience, and teaching experience, Spiegel noted that Mr. Depp exhibited behaviors consistent with both someone with a substance abuse disorder and a perpetrator of intimate partner violence.

Depp, 58, has previously admitted to using drugs and alcohol at the same time, sometimes between bouts of sobriety. According to Spiegel, “chronic and sustained use” can “harm” one’s behavior and memory. Claims someone has experienced fainting as a result of drug and alcohol abuse. “It will be nearly impossible to remember what happened the night before.”

The board-certified psychiatrist claimed he knew Johnny Depp had to be fed lines in some movie performances during his drug addiction phase. Dr. David Spiegel also suggested that the actor’s memory and “speed of thinking” were compromised.

He claimed that Depp’s former therapist told him to memorize three words for five minutes and then repeat them. However, the actor reportedly could not remember the words.

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Dr What did David Spiegel say about Johnny Depps psychological Dr. What did David Spiegel say about Johnny Depp's psychological problems?

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