‘Donkey remains only’, former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan commented on himself

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Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan (Imran Khan) is deeply related to controversies. Even when he was in power, he was seen embroiled in controversies. At the same time, since he has been removed from the post of PM, his anger seems to be increasing. The example of which can be seen in his rhetoric. Due to his new statement, Imran is again in the news.

Recently Imran Khan went to a show. While he was seen sharing his experiences from Pakistan and Britain, a short video clip of the show quickly went viral on social media. In which Imran is seen comparing himself to a donkey. Let’s tell the whole story.

Imran Khan trapped by commenting on himself

Actually, recently Imran Khan had reached the show of a YouTube channel. Whose name is The Centrum Media. Imran Khan appeared in the show sharing his experience of Britain along with the politics of Pakistan.

In the video going viral, Imran Khan is heard saying that, “I was also a part of that society… I also did my big welcome in Britain.” Very rarely are people accepted like this in British society, but I never considered it my home. I was Pakistani. Whatever I do, I cannot become an Englishman.

Imran further says that if you put ridges on a donkey, it does not become a zebra. That donkey remains a donkey. This video of Imran is now rapidly attracting the attention of people on social media.

people are taking a pinch

This video of Imran Khan comparing himself to a donkey has been shared by a journalist on Twitter. After seeing this, now people also started pinching. Users are seen writing funny jokes in the comment box below the video.

One user has written that ‘This poor man looks like a very straight person. Donkey is straight, isn’t it? At the same time, another user has written that ‘Sometimes this donkey tells the truth.’ At the same time, another user said that ‘Imran Khan himself has reduced the respect of the donkey by speaking a donkey. Which will not be accepted. One user said that ‘Imran Khan is a legend. Called himself a donkey. There is a liver in it.

By the way, let us tell you that some time ago a no-confidence motion was brought against Imran Khan in the Pakistani Parliament. After which Imran Khan had to leave the post of PM. At present, Shehbaz Sharif is the new Prime Minister of Pakistan.