Donald and Melania Trump: a marriage that demands water, according to the American press

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Donald and Melania Trump: a marriage that demands water, according to the American press

A study published by Vanity Fair reveals the less than stellar behind the scenes of Donald and Melania Trump’s relationship.

Since the US presidential election, many rumors have been circulating about the Donald and Melania Trump couple. In particular, we could read that they were apart, that Melania didn’t seem happy (the hashtag #SaveMelania even popped up on Twitter), that she didn’t want her to be president of the United States… A few days ago, Vanity Fair magazine announced that she was the 45th President of the United States with the Slovenian model. He looks at the marriage between the businessman and the president, and we can at least say that this is not a dream.

The magazine recalls their first meeting in a New York nightclub in 1998. Going there with a young woman, Donald Trump waited to see Melania at model age, waiting for her to go to the bathroom and ask for her phone number. . An anecdote that determines the course of their relationship.


Donald Trump’s friend, Federico Pignatelli, explained that Melania was attracted to Donald because of his docile character and therefore not too restrictive, unlike his ex-wife Ivana: “Ivana was a smart, enterprising woman. She also had a hot personality, she. With Melania… not many fights.”

a trophy wife

The fact that Melania Trump doesn’t tease isn’t the only reason Donald Trump loves her. The article reports a role beyond model physique that mainly consists of reassuring the business man about his masculinity through highly humiliating interventions. In 1999, shortly after their meeting, Melania Trump attended a radio broadcast conversation between Donald Trump and host Howard Stern. Donald Trump has announced that he will continue to love Melania as long as her breasts remain intact, while the host asks her to talk about their sex life. Tycoon contacts his wife to say that they have sex more than once a day, and as she speaks, she says that she is almost naked. Another evening, in front of his acquaintances, he asked him to say what a good husband he was. He simply repeated what he had said, a gesture enough to satisfy him.

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The height of Melania Trump’s objectification came six months after she got married. She told her husband about her desire to get pregnant, and she agreed and promised him “on condition that she finds the same body soon after.”

Disruptive campaign

However, despite her “live and let live” philosophy and saying that the person she is married to knows very well how it works, the article revealed that Melania Trump was “feared by the idea that she might win” in the presidential election. A fear that partially explains his absence from the campaign. “It’s an exit that everybody defends.

One close to the Trumps said: “My dream is for Michelle Obama to convince her to leave her and become a great feminist icon. She’s going to shake things up and say, “She’s crazy. This is crazy. I don’t know what I’m doing. In her case, feminist activism is at its best. the result will be true.