Do this easy remedy if baby has heat rash in summer

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If your baby has got heat rash this summer, then you can follow these easy remedies suggested by experts.

The scorching heat of this time is equally troublesome not only for the elders but also for the children. In particular, if your baby has started walking, he will probably sweat more during a variety of activities. Due to this constant sweating, they are more likely to get heat rash.

Although heat rash can happen to anyone during the summer season, children and babies already have higher body temperature than adults. In such a situation, their temperature rises even more during different types of activities. Due to which there is a red rash or heat rash on their skin. This heat rash gets cured on its own after some time. But during this time, you can adopt some easy measures to make the child feel more comfortable and cure heat rash soon. So, in this article today, Dr. KK Gupta, Senior Consultant Pediatrician, Saroj Hospital, Delhi, is telling you about some easy ways to cure heat rashes in children-

wear cotton clothes

In the summer season, the child should be dressed in cotton clothes. Actually, heat rash occurs when the sweat ducts in the skin get blocked and sweat gets trapped. In addition, rashes also appear when one part of the body rubs against another. This is usually due to tight fitting clothes. Cotton clothes are the solution to both these problems. These fabrics are breathable and absorb sweat, due to which the chances of getting a heat rash are greatly reduced. Along with this, the heat rash of the child is also cured soon.

summer heat rash problems

give cold water sponge

It may also be a good idea to sponge the baby with cool water to provide comfort when a heat rash occurs. This cools the skin of the child and gives him a lot of rest. For this, dip a cloth in cold water and then squeeze it lightly and give the baby a sponge bath with it. This also lowers the body temperature of the child and his heat rash also gets cured soon. However, during this time, pay special attention that you do not use soap.

summer heat rash and babies

apply baby powder

In case of heat rash, it is very important to keep the baby’s skin cool and dry. In such a situation, it can be a good idea to apply baby powder to take care of her skin. When you apply baby powder on your baby’s skin, it removes the moisture from the skin and at the same time it helps in quick healing of heat rash. Plus]use air conditioning or a fan to help keep the skin cool.

apply cream

If your child has a lot of heat rash, you can use a cream to moisturize his skin. Apart from baby cream, you can also apply some over the counter creams on the advice of the doctor. Also, keep the child well hydrated for a speedy recovery. You should breastfeed a child younger than six months. Also, keep giving water to older children regularly.

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