Do not make these three mistakes if you want to get rid of stretch marks

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If you are getting a lot of stretch marks in your body, then there may be some reason behind it. Know why stretch marks happen.

Stretch marks come across as a common problem for many of us. They can occur in any part of the body and sometimes people do not even understand why they are forming in their body even after being thin. There are two types of stretch marks one white and one red or colored and they can be due to both weight loss and weight gain. If you are one of those people who are more prone to the problem of stretch marks, then perhaps you would also like to know the reason for it.

Today we are going to tell you why there are stretch marks and what other mistakes are involved in addition to weight gain behind them. Dermatologist, Acneologist and Certified Trichologist Dr Suyomi Shah from Australia (Dr Sue on Instagram) has also shared information related to this on her Instagram account. He has told what are stretch marks and why do they happen.

How and why do stretch marks happen?

Stretch marks always occur when our skin is stretched incorrectly for a long time and then these marks are left on the skin. These include rapid weight gain and loss, changes in weight during pregnancy, body growth during puberty, or bloating during periods.

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Now if the question is that how do stretch marks occur, then the answer is the breakdown of the collagen and elastin structure of the skin. The damage to the inner layer of the skin causes them. Due to prolonged stretching of the skin, this natural structure breaks down.

These are actually a kind of scars which are formed from the inside in the skin. If there is any injury in the skin from above then it looks different, but if there is any mark in the skin from the inside then it is called stretch marks or scarring.

Now we have learned that why and how stretch marks happen, but still the question remains that why many people have stretch marks even after being thin and what are the mistakes related to these marks due to which Our skin starts looking like this.

Which mistakes cause more stretch marks to grow?

Let’s talk about those mistakes which are part of our lifestyle, but can work to increase the stretch marks.

stretch marks treatment at home

Not moisturizing the skin properly

If you do not moisturize the skin properly, then stretch marks will appear in the skin quickly. If the skin is dry, then its collagen will be heavily damaged and its upper layer will be damaged. In such a situation, dead skin cells will also be made more and there will be more stretch marks in your skin.

Moisturizer should always be applied to the skin when it is slightly moist. You can use cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, vitamin-E oil and other moisturizers.

Taking steroids or skin treatment on your own mind-

The effect of chemicals and other drugs is on the whole body and they also start showing in the skin. It is okay to focus on fitness, but if you are taking steroids then your body will get more stretch marks.

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Similarly, if you do a lot of skin treatment and do not take the advice of an expert, even then stretch marks can become more. For example, if you over-exfoliate your skin, it can also cause stretch marks in your skin.

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Ignoring skin infection

Skin infection is one of the major causes of stretch marks. If you are not paying attention to the infection occurring in your skin, then it will not be right for you. Any kind of skin infection can cause stretch marks and for that you should consult a doctor.

These three mistakes always lead to stretch marks. If you always keep the skin moisturized, then stretch marks will become less. If there is a question of correcting stretch marks, then only cosmetic procedure can always be beneficial for them. Homemade remedies can help in increasing the elasticity of the skin to some extent, but with their help, the skin does not heal completely.

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