Daredevil Born Again Star Teases Return to Netflix Locations & More

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It works like the cast and crew of Daredevil are returning to some familiar ground when it comes to the upcoming Daredevil born again.

So let’s talk about revisiting New York. So let’s be real about this. You can identify New York when it’s New York. You just know. And no amount of set dressing can convince me that bank over or another city like that is in New York. There’s just something about the vibe feel of New York that translates to film and TV and you can tell what is going on.

Again, there’s just something there, Daredevil and all. Netflix shows shot in New York out of the budget was spent on securing locations in New York. And naturally, so you want that field, you want it to be authentic, you want the people there to be authentic. You want it all to quell. So it’s not surprising that recently stars of Daredevil born again, Charlie Cox and Vincent D’onofrio said that they look forward to Daredevil being born again bringing them back to New York.

Daredevil Born Again Star Teases Return to Netflix Locations & More

Then after you also stated he was super excited. Desi Charlie onset in his costume and then the 2 two really just get back to it and feel like they are back home now take a pic of whether you believe that they’re going to the same exact locations which morning likely they are that they’ve been in before or that there gonna do exterior shots then move to a plan to which they might we don’t know because again costs acquaintance become like a defacto place where they go again there’s so much that they can do here I think me one the things here is.

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And this is kind of the town that they wanted to feel and look as close to the Netflix show as humanly possible and they will eat the cost of New York shoots because they have to. It’s important. It’s something that they want for that authenticity. So to me, it feels like they really are hyping up a back-to-form and daredevil without New York and that really look is just not gonna feel right. You can recreate all the senses you want. The external shots will not look as good. The CG on the buildings and things will work off interior shots.

You can do those wherever they did that outside of New York as well. For other shows that’s fine, but I think you got a look at the bigger picture here and that’s that. Traditionally Kevin Feige shoots in a Thantha and London, Australia has become another place due to certain restrictions in write-offs that they get, but for him shooting in New York it’s becoming a little bit more commonplace. In between things like ECHO and recently Hawkeye, I think you’re starting to see that they are willing to do it. And for this series, it’s really important because it tells me that they are keeping everything intact. They want to feel like this is truly daredevil and we’re picking up just years where we left off.