Curd Benefits, properties, disadvantages of curd | Curd or Yogurt Benefits and Side Effects

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Benefits of curd, benefits of eating, properties, disadvantages, when to eat [Dahi (Curd or yogurt) i] (Benefit, Side Effects, When to Eat)

Due to the many benefits of curd, it is a favorite food item all over the world. It is said that curd is more beneficial than milk, curd is very good for both health and beauty. Apart from our country, people abroad also take it in their food during the day. Doctors and all dieticians recommend eating 1 bowl of curd in lunch. Fresh curd contains many nutrients which are beneficial for our body. Milk is high in fat and greasy, due to which it has side effects in the body after a time. But the fat in curd is very less, there is absolutely no fat in curd made from low fat milk.

Information about the advantages and disadvantages of curd

Curd is a very beneficial ingredient for our city. Here we can go to give you information about its advantages and disadvantages.

Nutrients in Yogurt

protein8-9 g
Vitamin D20 g

Apart from this, it also contains phosphorus, iron, lactose. There are many benefits of curd, about which I will tell you today and I will also tell you when to eat it.

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Benefits and properties of curd (Dahi or Curd or Yogurt Benefits)

beneficial to health

Beneficial for heart

Nowadays, the problem related to the heart is not caused by age, due to today’s diet, one has to face this problem at an early age. To avoid this, you should consume curd, eating curd daily takes care of your heart. Cholesterol is reduced by curd and high blood pressure is also controlled.

Increase immunity –

The bacteria present in curd increases the ability to fight the germs inside our body and the small germs around. Eating curd brings agility in the body and keeps many diseases away.

strengthen bones-

Yogurt contains calcium which is very important for bone. It strengthens bones and teeth.

Strengthen the digestive system

Digestion happens properly by eating curd, problems like constipation, gas, acidity are removed.

Heal the ulcer

Curd protects the body from stomach ulcer and cancer.

Helpful in reducing weight

By eating curd, the stomach feels full for a long time, which reduces appetite. It is high in protein and calcium, which is helpful in weight control. Yogurt is also low in calories. Curd removes extra fat from the body.

Curd Beneficial for skin

Curd brings glow to the face, tanning and facial dirt gets away from it. It also removes acne, blemishes and spots.

  • Mix gram flour, lemon juice in curd and apply it on the face and garden for 15 minutes. Doing this twice a week will clear the face.
  • Apply 1 teaspoon fresh curd daily on the face before taking a bath. Dryness and tanning will go away.
  • Mix orange peel powder and curd and apply it on the face.
  • Mix turmeric, curd and rose water and apply on the face for 10 minutes.

Curd hairy beneficial to –

Curd is like a natural conditioner for the hair, which gives moisture to the hair.

  • Apply fresh curd in the hair for 30 minutes then wash it with water, you can also apply it by mixing it with henna and egg. This makes hair healthy, long, black.
  • Applying gram flour and black pepper powder in curd twice a week also reduces hair fall and ends dandruff.
  • Applying fenugreek powder mixed with curd makes hair shine.
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Other benefits –

  • Curd should be consumed daily during summer. With this, you stay away from heat, heat. This cools the heat of the stomach.
  • Mouth ulcers end by rinsing with buttermilk.

Other things related to curd –

  • Eating curd at night has a bad effect on health.
  • If you are eating curd at night, then eat it by adding salt, black pepper or sugar. And brush before sleeping.
  • Eating curd in winter has side effects.
  • Do not eat curd on an empty stomach.
  • Curd should not be eaten immediately after coming from the sun.
  • Yogurt should never be heated.
  • Yogurt should not be eaten with beef, these are two different types of food which are not eaten together.
  • Curd should be avoided by the patient of piles.
  • Daily curd can also increase weight, so those who want to lose weight should take special care that curd is made from low fat milk.

side effects of yogurt

Arthritis can be a problem

The consumption of curd is like poison for people with the problem of arthritis. Because by eating curd to these people, the problem of joint pain increases even more. Due to which there is a risk of many problems. Therefore, if they want to consume curd, then they should be done on the advice of the doctor.

Diabetic patients should not consume curd

If you are a diabetic patient then it is very important for you to be careful because if you are consuming curd in excess quantity then it can worsen your health due to which you may have problems, your diabetes may increase. Therefore, you should consume curd with caution.

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Tonsils can be in the throat

Excess consumption of curd can be harmful for your throat, be it cold or summer, because it can cause swelling in the muscles of your throat, due to which you may have tonsils in the throat, then consume it but in small quantities.

don’t eat sour curd

Too much sour curd can be very harmful for you because its consumption can cause heartburn and gas problem, so do not consume curd kept for a long time in small quantity or at all.

when to eat curd

You should consume curd in the morning or in the afternoon because curd benefits you at this time. Whatever protein, zinc, calcium etc. is in it, your body gets it in a good way. Due to which you do not face any kind of problem. That’s why our elders also say that if you consume curd during the day, then you will not have problems like throat problem or arthritis. Also it will keep you cool.

While eating curd, keep all the things related to it in mind. Eat it only in a limited quantity, excessive amount is injurious to health. Always keep in mind that the curd is always fresh.


Q: In what ways can curd be consumed?

Ans: You can eat curd by putting it on top of raita, sweet curd and anything else.Q: At what time is it good to eat curd?

Ans: If you consume curd in the afternoon, then it will prove to be very beneficial for you.Q: What are the disadvantages of eating curd?

Ans: By eating curd, you can have problems like arthritis, sore tonsils.Q: What is the right way to set curd?

Ans: To set the curd, you have to heat the milk slightly, add some curd to it and keep it overnight, the curd will freeze.

Q At what time curd should not be eaten , Ans , Curd should not be eaten at night, it can cause a lot of problem in your throat.