Cucumber has to be stored for 1 week even without fridge, then do this work

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Do you want to store cucumbers for a long time? Let us tell you today how to store cucumber without fridge.

Cucumber is such a thing that is eaten in salads, sandwiches, wraps, pickles and even raw. It is considered very good to eat cucumber in summer, because it contains 96 percent water. Cucumber is healthy as well as tasty, but due to the high amount of water in it, many times one has to face such a problem which is very common.

The problem is that cucumbers get spoiled quickly, they get moldy. Cucumbers do not stay in the fridge for a long time and without a fridge the question does not arise. Now if you want to know how to store cucumber without fridge, then definitely read these tips.

wash cucumbers

Whenever you bring cucumbers home, take them out of their packaging and wash them. Clean up whatever dirt is in them. Even if they are packed, they still need to be removed and cleaned. If you see any kind of spot in your cucumber, then do not store it, but eat it on the same day. Spotted cucumbers cannot be stored for long.

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dry the cucumber

Now after washing, most of us keep the cucumber in a foil or other packet, so that it will last for many days. But instead of this happening, the cucumber may be spoiled. Whenever you wash the cucumber, let it air dry first or wipe it clean with a cloth. Only after that the cucumber should be stored.

Always keep cucumber in the bag

keep cucumber in bags

Take your cleaned cucumbers and put them in a plastic bag. You don’t need to use a resealable plastic bag for this. Take any bag that allows air to flow through. Even if you are using a resealable bag, leave it open at the top. If you store cucumber in a plastic bag, it will protect it from ethylene gas released from other vegetables or fruits.

Try Keeping Cucumbers Cold

Now that you don’t have a fridge, storing cucumbers can be a big challenge. Since cucumbers can spoil quickly if kept outside. for this you ice cube Make a bag and put your cucumber in a plastic bag and keep it with the ice bag. This will also make your cucumbers last longer. Also, if you’re keeping cucumbers in the fridge, keep them in a crisper drawer so they won’t get too cold.

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Protect the counter top from sunlight

cucumber storing tips upto a week

You can also keep cucumber on the counter top of the kitchen and it can last quite a week. But this is possible only if you keep it at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. If your counter top is getting or is getting too hot, keep changing the location of the cucumber. When you see that the cucumbers are not looking fresh, eat them immediately.

Cucumber can make pickle

make cucumber pickle

Now you must eat cucumber either in salad or use it in sandwiches, wraps etc. If you are storing cucumber for this, then it is best to make pickle and keep it in an air tight glass container. If the pickle of cucumber is maintained then it will not get spoiled and will last not for a week but for a month. Plus you can add it to salads and sandwiches (Different Sandwich Recipes) etc. can also be eaten.

You have seen how easy it is to store cucumber for such a long time without keeping it in the fridge. You can also store cucumbers through these tips. Just keep in mind that if any cucumber is spoiled or already stained, remove it or eat it right away.

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