Crores were also spent in Alia-Ranbir’s ‘simple’ wedding, Mrs Kapoor’s wedding sari was only 50 lakhs

You are currently viewing Crores were also spent in Alia-Ranbir’s ‘simple’ wedding, Mrs Kapoor’s wedding sari was only 50 lakhs

Alia Bhatt And Ranbir Kapoor was married on April 14, 2022. Even before this marriage took place, the discussions about it had started. But when this marriage actually took place, it was as if it became a national event.

From Alia Ranbir’s clothes to the dishes served, complete news was being received in the media. This marriage was in front of all of us for three-four days after the wedding and its related functions. Only pictures related to this wedding were visible on Instagram and other social media.

During this it was believed that why this couple, who owned property worth crores, had got married even after having so much money?

But now the news is coming that this marriage was simple to say only because crores of rupees were spent on it. According to the news, Alia’s sari was worth 50 lakh rupees in this marriage.

This off-white sari of Alia, who became the bride, was made of organza. Excellent tilla work was done on this. There was also a vel with the sari.

Along with this, Ranbir’s sherwani was also not cheap. Its price was 9 lakh rupees. It had diamond buttons. Embroidery was also done on this silk sherwani.

Both of these clothes were designed by Sabyasachi. Sabyasachi’s bridal wear is expensive and very special anyway.

Along with this, Alia Bhatt also wore a very expensive mangalsutra. The cost of his number 8 mangalsutra is said to be Rs 15 lakh.

The ring of both on the engagement was also no less expensive. Where Ranbir Kapoor’s ring was worth Rs 48 lakh. At the same time, the price of Alia’s big diamond ring is said to be Rs 2 crore.

Along with this, all the rest of the jewelery that Alia wore was from Sabyasachi’s heritage collection. From this collection, Alia had taken top patti, earrings and necklace. Their price is being told to be Rs 4 crore.