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1983 was an exceptional time in Indian cricket. Indian cricket team has created Indians proud across the globe. Although 38 years have been passed between the moment the Indian cricket team won the World Cup, even today the announcement of the third event that was part of the ICC Cricket World Cup thrills the fans of cricket. Let us learn more concerning this year’s Cricket World Cup through this article. In this article, we will go over all the major aspects of the 1983 Cricket World Cup.

Cricket World Cup 1983

NameICC Cricket World Cup
What happened and how did it happen?England
start dayJune 9, 1983
final gameJune 25, 1983
Total Teams8
Total matches27

Cricket World Cup 1983 Teams

The teams that participated during the World Cup were divided into two groups. The table below provides details on the performances of teams from both groups.

Group A:

TeamNumberplayVictoryDestroyRun rate
New Zealand126333.927
Sri Lanka46153.752

Group B:-

TeamNumberplayVictoryDo you beat HTML0?running rate
West Indies206514.308

Cricket World Cup 1983 Indian Team

The names of players in the team India was part of at 1983’s Cricket World Cup 1983 is as follows:

  • Sunil Gavaskar
  • Krishnamachari Srikkanth
  • Mohinder Amarnath
  • Yashpal Sharma
  • Kapil Dev
  • Kirti Azad
  • Roger Binny
  • Sandeep Patil
  • madan lal
  • Syed Kirmani
  • Balwinder Sandhu

Indian Cricket Team Captain 1983 in the Cricket World Cup Cricket World Cup 1983

Kapil Dev was Captain for the Indian team during 1983 Cricket World Cup. He was among the most successful players of the time. Because of his outstanding leadership skills, he helped make the Indian team world champions. We will inform you that all teams who participated at the Cricket World Cup 1983 performed exceptionally well. At the time, Kim Hughes was the captain of Australia, Bob Wills of England, Geoff Hvarth of New Zealand, Imran Khan of Pakistan Duleep mendis of Sri Lanka, Clive Lloyd of the West Indies and Duncan Fletcher was the captain of the Zimbabwe team.

Cricket World Cup 1983 Match and Performance of India

The first Indian match took place between 9 and 10 June. In this match, India was playing in the West Indies. West Indies. India won the match. Indian cricket team took the victory in their first game by itself. The second game was played against Zimbabwe and India came out on top. The match was played on June 11. India’s fourth game was against West Indies, in which India was unable to win. Thus, India’s performance at the beginning of this tournament was not great. India was beaten twice. India was defeated twice, once by Australia and another time against West Indies. However, team members from the Indian team put in a lot of effort and helped India triumph.

Cricket World Cup 1983 Interesting facts

  • Twenty-seven matches were played at 1983’s World Cup.
  • Eight teams participated at the World Cup.
  • At the time, the game was played for 60 overs.
  • The final game of this World Cup was played at Lord’s.
  • Mohinder Amarnath won the the man of the match during the final game.
  • David Goucher scored the most runs of the competition. His total was three hundred and eighty four.
  • The most wickets during this tournament was taken by Indian star player Roger Binny.
  • In the final game, India’s Indian squad was reduced to only 183 runs thanks to the superb cricket by West Indies.
  • Indian team was victorious in the final match by almost forty-five runs.

Cricket World Cup 1983 Final

Here is the scoring board relating to the final game at the World Cup. Here is information about the performance of players from both teams that played in the final can be displayed.

Indian Team in the final game:

Sunil Gavaskar220
Krishnamachari Srikkanth3857
Yashpal Sharma1132
Sandeep Patil2729
N Kapil Dev (c)158
Kirti Azad03
Roger Binny28
madan lal1727
Syed Kirmani (wk)1443
Balwinder Sandhu1130
Mohinder Amarnath2680

West Indies team in the final game:

Gordon Greenidge112
Desmond Haynes1333
Viv Richards3328
Clive Lloyd (c)817
Larry Gomes516
fud bacchus825
Malcolm Marshall1851
Jeff Doosan2573
Andy Roberts414
Joel Garner519
Michael Holding624
Total140 (all out)52 Overs

Cricket World Cup 1983 How India won the World Cup (Cricket World Cup 1983 Winner)

The date of June 25 1983 was remembered in the history books of Indian cricket. This day, the Indian team won an unexpected win. We can tell you that most likely no one anticipated the win from this Indian team. The primary reason is it was the West Indies world champion team as a competitor, however Lord’s historic stadium Lord’s was the scene of the triumph that was won by India. Indian team.

Team India was down to just 183 runs in the final game. There was no expectation for India to take the title the day. Srikkanth had scored highest runs on behalf of India. Captain Kapil Dev has scored fifteen runs. In pursuit of India’s goal of 183 runs West Indies team scored fifty runs with ease.

Sir Vivian Richards’s batting made sure of West Indies’ victory. However, the excellent cricket by Mohinder Amarnath and Madan Lal provided a fitting reply for West Indies. West Indies. West Indies had lost their six wickets for only 76 runs. Then all West Indies team was bowled out by 140 runs over 52 overs. So, beating India by 43 runs India became the world’s champion.

Cricket World Cup 1983 Man of the Series

It was the Man of the Series award wasn’t given to any player during the World Cup. Amarnath, Lal and Sandhu were astonished by the performance of India. Amarnath was named the Man of the Match.

Cricket World Cup 1983 Film “83”

The process by which the Indian team took home at the 1982 World Cup is being demonstrated in an Bollywood film. The title of the movie is “83”. In this film, you’ll be able to see an entire World Cup of that time right now. The documentary is an autobiographical documentary. In it, actor Ranveer Singh is in the part of Kapil Dev, Captain of the Indian team. You will also be able to see Deepika Padukone playing an important role in the movie.


When was the 1983 Cricket World Cup start?

Ans: June 9, 1983

Q Was where that the World Cup?

Then: England

Q How many cricket games were played during the 1982 Cricket World Cup?

Ans: 60

Question: What was the number of games were played in 1983’s World Cup?

Then:total 27

Question: India won the trophy by beating which team at the World Cup?

The team from the West Indies is:West Indies team