Controversial Veteran MCU Writer Joins Avengers Secret Wars

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Wow, we got some big breaking news coming at us coming from the deadline as they have officially revealed that Michael Waldron, the writer of Low Key and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, will be taking on marbles’ secret wars. Golden Goose again, very little info has been revealed other than the deadline. Drop the info and then thanks. Kind of just take a wife you know of their own from that point.

This was their exclusive. They stated that they believe that he was the front runner for quite a long time due to the fact that Marvel Studios trusts him. Because of what he was able to pull off with the low-key and Doctor Strange in terms of simplifying the basics that the people need to understand and get out the best product possible in the end. Now there is some debate whether this will have any sort of a cause and effect and problems between The Avengers films being directed by different people and written by different people, but it sounds like, according to the deadline, that, at least as far as they are concerned, everybody will be keeping in touch and working very closely.

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To make sure that things fall into place and aren’t exactly, you know, going up one against the other. This again makes sense considering the Marvel studio said that they are getting back to the point where they sit everybody down and then they hash out the ideas and stories going forward. So this kind of makes sense. Now, again, I’m seeing already a lot of people are mad they didn’t like what Waldron did, either in Doctor Strange or Loki, which again, that’s personal preference, you know, we did the rankings.

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MCU members 4-hour video the 3 of us literally rank everything in our favourites and I shocked a lot of people when I put multiverse of madness in my top 5. But again at Sam Raimi, I really like Baldwin’s writing and how he handles complex matters and things like that. Like the multiverse and you know things that are just going on in that some writers could honestly stumble with and I think that’s why they hired him but it’s gonna be interesting to see what the reception is. And what the feedback that you know they’re gonna get is from fans and certainly will be making up a follow-up to discuss.

I think there’s gonna be a lot more to this story than just ohh. It’s gonna be smooth sailing from here is. I know a lot of people hated Multiverse of madness, so it’s definitely an uphill battle for Marvel to convince those people that this thing is in good hands. Especially something is complex at secret wars which will honestly make everything else before it seem like simple work. So what is your guys? Take on this how do you feel about this? This excites you? Are you worried? Let us know down below. This is gonna be a major part of the discussion going into this week’s podcast.