‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 Review: Bigger, Sillier and (Still) A Total Blast

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Hello, everyone. It is finally time. I actually shouldn’t phrase it that way. Season four didn’t come out all that long ago, but you all know how much I love love, love Cobra Kai. So I’m basically always eagerly awaiting more of that show. And now I get to tell you what I thought about season five first a very, very brief. Catch up for anyone out there who might need it. So at the end of season 4, Cobra Kai wins the All Valley Karate tournament, and what that means is that Eagle Fang and Miyagi dough have to shut down.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Review: We’re In The Endgame Now

While Daniel isn’t giving up that easily by bringing in chosen to help take down Terry Silver, Johnny’s focus is elsewhere because he’s off to Mexico to help find Miguel. As one might expect, that right there is only scratching the surface of the season 5 narrative. There’s a whole lot more going on, but of course this review right here is a spoiler. 3 review what that might mean is that some of my analysis might sound a little vague, but hopefully I am still able to give you a sense of how I’m feeling about the biggest stories in play this time around. So let us get into it and I’m actually going to I’m going to kick this off with chosen Yugi.

Akimoto did have a great cameo appearance in season four, but this is something different and it’s something that’s serving a lot of other characters and also the seasonal overall especially well. Not only do we get a much fuller sense of the person that chosen to become after all this time and all this experience, but he also proves really key to a number of other characters growth in season 5. And then on top of that, akamoto is just an absolute pro at nailing the comedy of the show, but without ever diminishing the stakes in it. Akamoto just wound up making chosen one of my absolute favorite characters of the show in Season 5, and I love it.

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And I can also say the same about Tori and Terry Silver. They’re two favorites as well. I’ll start with silver here. I said this last season and I’ve got to say it again this time around, it is like Thomas Ian Griffith was just made for this role. He does not skip a beat and is just truly terrifying as Terry Silver. I’m not gonna say I agree with any of Terry Terry’s tactics here, but a big part of the reason why he’s such a strong antagonist for me is because Grandpa does an incredible job playing up Terry’s menace to, you know, up the suspense of the show, but while ensuring that you always know why.

Terry is doing it, so he kind of winds up delivering the best of both worlds. He gives us a very threatening villain who is quite entertaining to watch, but also someone with with depth and goals that maybe we can’t get behind but are well worth considering for the thematic build of this series overall. Now moving on to Tori. This is something that I also said last season, but I’m going to say it again. Peyton lists Ark as Tori is one of the strongest of the series, hands down. She did some real, real heavy lifting. Last season, but I actually think it might be an even more challenging part to play this time around.

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Daniel LaRusso’s test of faith

There are just so many conflicting emotions that list is tasked with juggling at once, and with where Tori goes in season five, it just plain old doesn’t work unless lists can pull it off, and she very much does. Alright, again, without any spoilers here, I’ll tell you that I’m also a very, very big fan of how they’re handling the Robbie and Miguel’s situation this season. I don’t really want to go much further than that. With these characters, but I’ll at least tell you that I think they really do earn what they do with them and where they land.

So that was a major highlight for me. As for Eli and Dimitri, it does feel like the two of them get sidelined a little bit in season five, let’s say especially Dimitri, which I found a little unfortunate just because I’ve really been enjoying his growth from season to season. They both do. They both still have some memorable story beats though, Eli in particular during one fight scene that I absolutely love. But I am really hoping that we’re going to get to dig into more layers with those two characters and see more binary brothers on display in Season 6.

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Two newer characters now who really excel with beefed up rolls in season 5 doused Dupre Young and Una O’Brien as Kenny and Devin, respectively. One of my favorite things about Devin is how she’s being influenced by everything happening around her, but she also always prioritizes making her own choices and yeah, ultimately a lot of characters. This show do that to an extent, but I just think that her determination to carve her own path is especially strong and and quite powerful in this world of warring dojos and men.

I cannot believe how I guess I have to say scary young has made Kenny in season 5. He’s in a world where he’s one of the smallest of the bunch, but Young uses his screen presence and also his stunt and karate skills to make it feel like Kenny is kind of towering over the competition. And again, no spoilers. Here, but I do really want to point out with him how much I loved his last scene of this season. There’s there’s just something especially refreshing about it that I mean. I guess I’m going to have to elaborate on that in a spoiler if you I can’t go any further, but I really liked his last scene.

Next up, now Sam, this is a character arc that that again, I just don’t think works unless you’ve got an actor who’s able to sell the characters internal struggle as well as Mary Mouser does here. One thing that I’ve always. Appreciated about Sam. And something that I think makes her season 5 arc especially strong and also realistic is that she lets her, in the moment frustration come through a lot and you know, yeah it would be really nice and a neat storyline for a character to see or hear something that should put them on a better path to you know, closing the door in a particular challenge. But really like when is anything in life that’s simple and Sam is juggling a lot right now.

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She’s got her dedication to her family, how she feels about. Brody how she feels about Miguel and even more beyond that. So even if a solution presents itself for one predicament, it could still be influenced by another thing that’s going on. And I think that Mauser really does handle everything going on in Sam’s life and how one thing can influence another quite well. Speaking of which, one thing that this show continues to do exceptionally well overall is to convey how these characters need each other to grow, really by the end of the season, I think that you can look at.

Every single one of the main players and where they land and say to yourself, this character never could have hit that point had that character not gone through that first. And you know a lot of that comes back to our main senseis here, Johnny and Daniel from day one. Cobra Kai has always emphasized the importance of learning from past mistakes, but this far into the show is run.

It can’t just be teaching the kids lessons based on the mistakes that they made at their age anymore. It has to grow beyond that and I think it very much. Season, season five in particular, you know, Johnny and Daniel need to grow as individuals based on, based on the things that they’ve experienced in the last Four Seasons of the show. And Cobra Kai has done that a bit in past seasons with these two characters. But I really think that they’re doing it in a much bigger way this time around. And then on top of that, they’re also doing that in different ways for Daniel and for Johnny. And you know, I’m afraid I’m going to give too much away if I highlight how their journeys differ in that respect but really, I really do like how they need two completely different things at this point in their lives in order to take a step forward in the series.

As for the action now, just like, my God, this cast and that stunt team, they’re just so, so good and they get better and better with every season. As always, Cobra Kai wraps up with a stellar set piece. Of course, I’m not going to spoil anything here, but I will tell you that the final fight is good yet again. I’m also going to say there is another fight. I absolutely love the takes place in an apartment complex and I thought that that one was a major stand down in terms of how damn good the stunt work is, but also because of how well woven that fight is with character evolution.

And I think that’s the fight that maybe stood out to me the most in season five. You know, in some cases my favorite fights aren’t necessarily the big elaborate set pieces, but rather, you know, shorter or maybe even more intimate moments involving karate that reflect where a certain character is. That at that particular moment of their journey. One other thing that I wanted to note with the fights, even though characters, yes, have suffered some pretty extreme injuries in the past, things that are tough to watch, there is something about the level of violence and also I guess the amount of blood that caught me a bit by surprise in season five.

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I think they have very much earned the right at this point to go that route. The story does truly call for it. Well, they pointing it out because I was surprised they went there in certain respects. But what matters is that it makes sense for the series to dip into that kind of darkness and intensity and this far into the show’s run and also story wise and what that demands. I think it works and it pays off quite well. All right, score time.

Cobra Kai season Five is getting 4 and a half deweys out of five on the Dewey Decimal Movie Scale, as I just mentioned. Yes, the show can get quite intense this season, but really, Cobra Kai is still very much. A series that just plain old makes me happy. And honestly, I think I really needed that in my life right now. I think you can definitely feel the characters maturing more so than ever this time around.

And yeah, with that comes more of, you know, that kind of intensity and darkness. But I find that the creators are just really expertly balancing that with the hefty dose of charm and heart that’s been there, that I’ve loved so much since day one. I’ve really always loved Cobra Kai for how it can feel like an escape, but an escape. The real value and purpose and that is something that I think they continue to, well uphold in season five of the show.

That is it. That is where I’m leaving you with this non spoiler review of Cobra Kai season 5. At least I hope you could tell I’m just like bursting at the seams to talk spoilers and hopefully that just ups my enthusiasm and how excited I am for all of you to experience the new season of the show. So when you do give it a watch, hit the comments section below and you know I love playing this game. Tell me, who is your favorite character of season five? Is it chosen like me? Is it someone else? Tell me about it in the comments below before I let you go now.

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